Monday News Dump – 7/21/2014


Just when I thought I couldn’t get any busier, it looks like I’m going to take on another client. The good news is, it won’t be a very long engagement, but it will be 12 hours a week for a few weeks, on top of the 20 hours a week I’m billing at another client. It doesn’t start for a few weeks, but my time is going to get more scarce during that time, so Bitter will be filling in again. But for now, here’s some collected news articles that might be of interest:

Brian Anse Patrick has a new book out that explores the Zombie phenomena.

The Pueblo Chieftan didn’t particularly appreciate Bloomberg’s comments. The more people that gets around to the better.

A brief filed as an amicus in an ACLU case against government data harvesting.

Apparently the Connecticut Bar Association is looking to get in bed with the Brady’s. Apparently membership in the state bar is not mandatory for attorneys there. If you practice law in the Nutmeg State, I’d call and complain.

Is Remington trying to de-emphasize the R51?

The House is looking to preempt Washington D.C. from passing its own gun laws. This would be the first step on what I think should be a long road of the feds using their power under the 14th Amendment to preempt state gun laws. Our opponents want to argue that there needs to be a single, federal standard? Well, OK then, we’ll give you one.

Detroit police chief: ‘No question in my mind’ legal gun ownership deters crime’

Electronic Letters of Marque and Reprisal? An idea who’s time has come, if you ask me!

Another case of “Careful when you leave America.”

The feds are very eager to get rid of surplus M16s. So eager they’re giving two for one deals even if the department doesn’t ask. You know a good way to take care of this problem? Allow them to be surplussed through the DCM. Hell, I’d even take an exception that still required the auto-sear to be removed. Not possible under current ATF “once a machine gun, always a machine gun,” policy.

The may-issue bill, which would have made all firearms may-issue in Massachusetts, has largely been watered down to nothing. I’ll hand it to John Hohenwarter, I thought we were going to have to bend over with that bill.

Governor Brown has signed some gun control into law. Is converting single shot firearms to multi-shot firearms really a problem? I’ve never even heard of this practice.

This prankster almost gets his ass shot. He’s damned lucky the person who pulled his firearm in self-defense hesitated. From the other point of view, that concealed carrier was lucky he was facing a prankster.

Dog Bites Man: Irrelevant gun control group sues to have an irrelevant pro-gun bill struck down in the courts, in an attempt to gain back some relevancy.

Congrats, gun control folks: this AR-15 is legal in all 50 states. You’ve accomplished nothing, except taking us back a few decades in ergonomics.

This is how a gun culture dies. In New York, it’s been death by 1000 cuts. But they are getting pretty close to killing it off for good.

What happens when smart guns collide with dumb ideologies.

Rolling Stone magazine gets fisked by… the NRA? I don’t think I’ve ever seen NRA engage in that style before. See also this response to Rolling Stone.

Everytown is at it again. When people think “mass shooting,” they think of some nut job shooting up a shopping mall, movie theater or school. So why not lump domestic violence tragedies in with that idea and hope no one notices?

6 thoughts on “Monday News Dump – 7/21/2014”

  1. The single shot exemption to the “safety roster” in California was being used to bring ordinary guns in. A semi-auto would be “converted” to single shot with a special barrel. The gun would come into the state, the owner would swap out the barrel with the original equipment and ship the single shot barrel back to the out of state gunsmith for a refund.

    For some reason the anti-gun people didn’t like this.

  2. Note the MSNBC poll. The wording makes it near impossible to get the rigged results they want. If ‘2A’ wins, then they get to push for ‘change/repeal’.

  3. I spoke to Assemblyman Dickinson, who is the legislator who introduced the gun control bill in California, and my assemblyman. He told me, in about as many words, that he introduced it because the Brady Campaign suggested it.

    Converting self-loading pistols to single-shots and then back again is of course not a problem, because it is only used by law-abiding people to get around California’s useless “not unsafe” handgun roster. Dickinson told me, however, that the bill makes sure “everyone plays by the same rules.”

    “Except cops,” I retorted, “who are exempt from the Roster and play by their own rules.”

    He grinned, and said, “Well, that’s the law.”

    1. And that is why “The law is an ass”. Too much of this will push us to Revolution! And that’s a place I would rather not go to, thank you very much…

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