Glock Thrown Out With the Trash

Apparently one man’s super-secret hiding place for his pistol was so good, even his wife didn’t know, which turned into hilarity when she took the trash out. I wonder how many years a Glock can remain functional in a landfill?

5 Responses to “Glock Thrown Out With the Trash”

  1. Weer'd Beard says:

    Its a good hiding place. My wife will NEVER empty the trash! ; ]

  2. Ronnie says:

    If I had to guess, I would say that a Glock placed in a landfill will remain functional much longer than it would take for that one guy who lost his to search through the entire landfill.

  3. Ian Argent says:

    Depends on what it ends up next to, I suppose. As long as it doesn’t end up next to batteries+water, or something else likely to attack the plastic, or more importantly the brass, should be just fine.

    (I suppose a round in the chamber might get some interesting electrochemistry with the barrel?)

  4. HowToGetAGun says:

    LOL that’s priceless. That’s the real reason Canada has firearms storage laws. With the prices up here an accidental loss could ruin a guy. At-least it was a Glock, some other brands I’d be worried about it going off in the landfill.

  5. Phil says:

    @ HowToGetAGun, the reason Canada has firearm storage laws is so they can charge law-abiding gun owners with paper crimes if they defend themselves against criminals.