If you’re going to write an article about guns …

… please learn the difference between bear and bare. This idea that our founding fathers would be aghast at the deadliness of modern firearms would seem to force the belief what they were playing with were pop guns. To be honest, if I had the choice between being shot at with a Glock, or a Brown Bess musket, I’d take the Glock. At similar effective ranges, the Brown Bess creates devastating, horrid wounds. Now, it’s true that it’s a lot harder to shoot up a school with a Brown Bess, but it can be easily done with 150 year old technology.

10 thoughts on “If you’re going to write an article about guns …”

  1. I’m pretty sure Jefferson would weep with joy if he were brought back to life and got to see the various semi-automatics I have in my gun cabinets.

    Of course, when he learned the state of gun laws in this country he’d probably start loading up every single mag I’ve got and ask me to drop him off near DC.

  2. Wouldn’t a soft lead musket ball flatten when it hits a body?

    A psycho could just take the blackpowder from the gun and use it to make a bomb.

  3. A .75 caliber musket ball makes a devastating wound.

    In unrelated news, apparently the 1st Amendment only applies to pen and parchment and large, Gutenberg style printing presses.

    I saw that article the other day on Google News; it’s just more of the same. I really don’t understand where all these people are coming from.

  4. Wouldn’t a soft lead musket ball flatten when it hits a body?

    i’d imagine that’d be part of the problem, actually. i, too, would choose the 9mm over the musket, if i couldn’t just choose “neither”.

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  6. That has always been my most favorite counterpoint to this kind of idiotic logic – if the Second Amendment does not cover “modern” firearms, then the First does not cover automated, mechanized printing presses, or even the Internet.

    In the end, the premise has always been the same – getting little bits of metal downrange quickly. I am pretty sure the Founding Fathers grasped that concept, and were under the impression their descendants would as well. A shame we are disappointing them.

  7. i posted this reply

    i hate to tell you this, but a “less dangerous” weapon, also means that it is less capable of stopping a bad guy… owning a gun is not about wanting to kill someone, even in a case where i am a victim of violent crime… it is about stopping a very bad situation from getting worse… the only reason to use a gun for self defense is to stop the threat in a quick and decisive manner…

    the problem is not guns, never have i hear of a gun getting up, walking across the street and shooting someone… its irresponsibility and lack of education that causes the problems… i take my 8 year old son to the range on a regular basis to teach him safety and responsibility.. and you know what, i feel more comfortable when he goes to his friends house… because if one of his friends ever says “hey look what i found in daddies desk” my son will know what to do and how to remove himself from that situation…

    he at the age of 8 already knows and follows these rules, why is it so hard for teens and adults to do the same?

    1. Treat all firearms as if they are loaded.
    2. Never point a firearm at anything or anyone you are not willing to destroy or kill.
    3. Keep your finger off the trigger, and outside of the trigger-guard, until your sights are on the intended target and you are ready to fire.
    4. Know your target, what the projectile (ammunition) can do, what’s between you and your target, and what is beyond.

    i dare say that it is because of irresponsibility on the part of parents and lack of education, not because a specific type of gun is legal…

    and a great majority of legal gun owners do not commit crimes with their guns, in fact most will never even fire their weapon in self defense (but they are prepared to do so if necessary)… every gun owner i know actually dreads having to use their weapon, because to do so is a very decisive and life changing act, and they know that it is a great responsibility

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