I Love Being Protested

Miguel reports on Moms Demand Action’s plans to protest the NRA Annual Meeting. Whether they will protest directly, or just do their own event nearby to try to draw media attention away from the convention remains to be seen. Last year in Houston, which wasn’t too long after Moms Demand got started, they managed a protest, but it wasn’t all that impressive. With more wind coming out of their sails every day, I can’t imagine they’ll do better at Indianapolis, but as Miguel mentions, this is her backyard. Also, with Bloomberg’s money, they can afford to pay for buses.

5 thoughts on “I Love Being Protested”

  1. The event with <1% of the attendees of the NRA convention will surely get <1% of the press coverage, right?

    I look forward to pictures of the protest taken at a creative angle to mask the extremely low turnout. That's always a staple of these events.

  2. Smile and laugh. Mock and ridicule. Be polite and keep smiling!

    Do not give them the image they want of the angry unhinged gun owner.

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