CSGV’s “National Conversation”

The mouth foamers over at the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence are objecting to Andrew Branca apparently speaking anywhere. His sin? He believes that the rule of law prevailed in the Trayvon Martin case. For a coalition of supposedly peace-loving organizations, the folks who run CSGV sure are a bunch of hate filled, narrow minded goons who try their best on a daily basis to shut down the free exchange of ideas. If gun control is such a good idea, why are they so afraid of debating the issues on their merits in an open and free manner?

4 thoughts on “CSGV’s “National Conversation””

  1. Good luck CSGV on getting Campbell to disinvite him. Buies Creek is not the most liberal spot in North Carolina. We aren’t talking Durham, Chapel Hill, or Asheville after all.

  2. Sebastian,
    Off Topic, but haave you ever seen the National Geographic television episode “Guns in America?” It’s not terrible, but it is definitely anti-gun propaganda.


    A Philadelphia Police Officer named Richard DeCoatsworth has a prominent role in the episode. He also sat next to Michelle Obama during the 2009 State of the Union Speech. Last year he was arrested for kidnapping , involuntary deviate sexual intercourse and other charges. He initially agreed to plead guilty to lesser crimes in order to ensure a shorter sentence, but recently changed his mind.


    Isn’t it interesting how many of these anti-gun heroes turn out to be scumbags?


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