Sorry Bloomy, No Lemon Law for Attorneys General

You have to think that Mike Bloomberg, by about now, is starting to regret his purchasing decision when it comes to Kathleen Kane, given that she’s been caught lying again about her decision to end corruption investigations against Democratic politicians. Instapundit has more on the case. I’d say her political career deserves to be over. She ought to even have an uphill battle ahead of her for re-election. I might even start to get optimistic about the prospects of her being accountable by voters given that even the Inquirer has seemingly turned against her. Hopefully we can be rid of Bloomberg’s Attorney General even if we end up suffering the loss of Tom Corbett in 2014.

12 thoughts on “Sorry Bloomy, No Lemon Law for Attorneys General”

  1. While watching this [censored] crash and burn is awesome, Bloomberg isn’t regretting anything. He got his money’s worth just by demonstrating that a rabid anti-gunner can win a state-wide election in PA. It would only be a loss for him if Kane lost because of her position on guns, like we saw in CO. If Kane loses, she’ll go down the memory hole and Bloomberg will find other races where he can buy candidates.

    1. Bloomberg isn’t regretting anything. He got his money’s worth just by demonstrating that a rabid anti-gunner can win a state-wide election in PA.


  2. Hahahaha this is so great. Its sad to see what has happened to that office, but its great to see her go down in flames.

    1. She hasn’t gone down in flames yet. We’ve put a few 50s into her, and we’re waiting to see if she starts smoking.

  3. Everyone is so sure that Corbett is done. Remember a few months ago when everyone was sure it would be Schwartz who would be the next Gov. Now she’s polling a distant third with single digit share. Polls, at this point are totally inaccurate. You only have three candidates activity campaigning and burning cash on TV commercials in a race for the primary. The general election is still more than 6 months away. A lot can happen in 6 months.

    1. I have a strong feeling that any Dem vs. Corbett poll won’t tell the whole story as Corbett will surely get a bump from voters who are voting R down the line due to the congressional races.

      1. It will be all about the turnout. I would expect a pretty high turn out in the 6th district. There is an open seat and the dem is a two time loser who no longer lives in the district but is still running.

  4. The chances of getting rid of Kane are slim-to-none as long as there are precincts in Philadelphia with 110% voter turnout.

  5. This is OT, but I just heard today that the Obama regime has banned the importation of 5.45×39 ammunition from Russia. Is this really true?

    1. Yes. Someone made a pistol in 5.45×39, so that made the steel core 7N6 armor piercing under federal law, which means it can no longer be imported.

        1. Realistically, ATF merely applied teh law as written — and, aside from allowing the Attorney General to take positive action to exempt such ammo, the statute doesn;t leave any room for discretion.

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