New Billboard Along Mass Pike

There are a big lie by omission on John Rosenthal’s latest billboard design near Fenway Park along the Mass Pike, but then again, our opponents have never been able to sway public opinion by being totally honest. They have to make it seem like everyone’s trading guns in an open air arms bazaar despite federal laws mandating background checks, along with a number of state laws.

But hey, when your argument can’t stand up to open debate, what are you going to do?

6 thoughts on “New Billboard Along Mass Pike”

  1. Markie Marxist sez: “My commie compadres in Marxachusetts are good communists! They HATE freedom!”

  2. Standard answer:

    Monied lies are truer than real truth. Or keep with the big lie
    as propaganda works.


  3. OMG, where to begin? That “8 children a day” statistic has been floating around for years & seems to have it’s roots in the CDC practice of counting “youths” as anyone up through age 24 in their annual reports on gun deaths. They also don’t distinguish between suicides, murders, and even justified police shootings. Here’s a link to one of the CDC sites: This is easily debunked by their own databases, since if you use the CDC databases to calculate the number of minors killed each year, it’s not even close to the numbers the CDC puts out in their own annual reports on youth violence. The “no background checks in 33 states” stat speaks for itself. What a load of gibberish.

    It’s also really bad visually–as propaganda goes, it’s also a flop.

  4. Imagine if you needed a background check to vote. Or to have a blog. Or publish a newspaper.

    Or to go to a place of worship.


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