“50 Lady Sharpshooters at Your Disposal”

This is kind of awesome. It’s a letter from Annie Oakley to President William McKinley in 1898 offering the services of American women sharpshooters who could provide their own arms and ammunition to assist the US should war break out.

Letter from Annie Oakley to President McKinley, 1898

I saw this on the National Archives Tumbler which does a pretty good job of not only digitizing these holdings, but trying to share some of the interesting finds that Americans might enjoy seeing.

2 thoughts on ““50 Lady Sharpshooters at Your Disposal””

  1. Subtext: “Couldn’t I please be a sniper?” AO and shooters she had trained would indeed be a force to be reckoned with.

  2. Really neat find from the National Archives. Thank you for sharing (for those of us who don’t use or know how to use tumblr). This makes me think of the NRA’s New Energy campaign for Women!

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