Virginia’s Democratic Candidate Attacks on Gun Owners

In case Virginia gun owners didn’t get the loud and clear message from their governor using his first veto to target gun law clarifications, the Democratic candidate for the 7th District would like to speak his mind a little more bluntly:

The Virginia Shooting Sports Association has more from this guy – much more – that’s worth a read. Since he states clearly in other tweets that he doesn’t want any support from gun owners, I hope that the district’s gun owners will honor his wishes.

13 thoughts on “Virginia’s Democratic Candidate Attacks on Gun Owners”

  1. Wow. What a clown. If you read his other tweets you can an idea of what kind of person this is. Very unprofessional and not even deserving of anything resembling public office. Is he even considered a serious candidate?

    1. He’s the only candidate at this point, so he’ll be the official nominee after the primary. It looks like the biggest objection by local folks is his association with strip clubs.

  2. More than honor his wishes – hopefully gun owners actively support the other guy.

  3. I bet there are plenty of VA gun owners who choose to turn a blind eye to this.

    1. “Oh, he doesn’t mean me. He means those other, teabagger-type gun owners. My Taurus Judge is totally okay.”

  4. Well at least that is a safely Red district, which is probably why that anti-NRA clown is the only Democrat trying to run for that seat. Still he is instructive of what lurks below the surface, giving us a peak at the true Id of the Democratic Party.

    1. That’s especially true given that the objections from local Democrats highlighted at VSSA’s coverage aren’t condemning these comments, but are simply uncomfortable with his association with strip clubs.

      Now, that doesn’t mean I’m completely anti-Democratic in this case. If there are Democratic gun owners in that district, they need to speak up and point out that this is absolutely off the table for any kind of rhetoric from a Congressional candidate, and his views shouldn’t be the views of the party. This is a case where the local, on-the-ground party types need to hear from liberal gun owners. It drives me nuts that they don’t. It doesn’t take that long for true partisan types to figure out when an issue motivates activists. After the first campaign seasoning of introducing myself to campaign volunteer coordinators in the region by saying, “I’m here because John/Jane Doe is pro-gun,” they learned pretty quickly that being pro-gun got you volunteers. They also learned when I declined to help out because someone in their party was not pro-gun.

      1. Oh for the day when our side realizes that liberal gun owners are not our friends.

  5. Well, lets see. My IQ is in excess of genius by slightly more than one standard deviation. I own guns. I am on more than one (pro)gun related forum and I am certainly NOT always the smartest guy in the room. Quite the contrary.

    Now lets compare that to politicians…
    lets compare that to lefty politicians…
    lets compare that to anti gun lefty politicians…

    ah hell, we already know the answer to that

  6. As I live in the 7th I can tell you that this roll of TP running is a joke Rep. Cantor is so solid in here Jesus himself would have to run to take him out. If you going to loose no matter what why not send a fool out to fight a fools battle

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