Happy Thankgiving

Have a Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.  What I’m thankful for:

  • Thankful that Bitter still has her b***h a** in the kitchen making me pie, even though she came down with a cold last night.
  • Liberty Safes, for making a prompt and easy delivery of all 850 lbs of my safe.
  • I’m thankful that Michelle Obama can spend her first Thanksgiving being thankful for her country.
  • My new RCBS media separator.  No more digging through tumbler media to find the cases, then having to dump the media out of them.  Just dump them into the separator, turn a few times, and bingo — clean media.
  • I am thankful for a reader for sending me “The Contraption.”  Pictures will be forthcoming, once it’s set up properly.

Enjoy your holiday.

6 thoughts on “Happy Thankgiving”

  1. I hope Bitter remembers to put the sugar in the pie after that comment.

    How many times have you worked the combination on your new safe? You did get the S&G combo lock didn’t you?

    What’s a ‘really good deal’ on a Liberty safe?

    Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for your efforts protecting our rights.

  2. I hope she smacked ya right upside the head WITH the pie… LMAO…

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours Sebastian, I am sitting here too stuffed to move, WSM, my better half, (Wicked Step Mother), laid out a great spread, I think I’m gonna have to keep the old gal… :)

  3. I went the cheap route for a media separator. Rather than pay $40-50 for a squirrel cage model, and wait for it to arrive, I just bought two cheap mesh kitchen strainers and a plastic bin. Dump into one strainer, shake a little, and then just pass the brass back and forth between the two strainers over the plastic bin. Just as effective, and I didn’t have to wait on shipping.

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