Otis McDonald Passes

He was a civil rights pioneer by being willing to be a face for the individual right to bear arms in a major Supreme Court case, so it is with a sad heart that I see Otis McDonald passed away at the age of 79.

Sebastian & I were fortunate to meet him and enjoy dinner with him, his wife, and many others involved in the landmark case the night before it was heard in the Supreme Court. I know that many who were close to him could use our thoughts and prayers.

5 thoughts on “Otis McDonald Passes”

  1. My most serious condolences to his family and friends.I have not had the pleasure of meeting the man, but everyone who has said/says wonderful things.

    My heart is heavy with this loss.

  2. I met him and his nephew after the taping of Stossel. Such a nice guy. RIP Otis.

  3. Sam Adams said one man with courage is a majority. That’s who Otis McDonald was.

  4. When I get to heaven, I fully expect to see Otis at the right hand of St. Peter, guarding the Pearly Gates.

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