Is That a Threat or a Promise?

For once I agree with an anti-gun person in terms of strategy. I think this is brilliant. He suggests economic sanctions against pro-gun states:

We can do that by using economic sanctions against states that allow the gun lobby to write the laws. How? By never moving to these states, by moving out of these states and by never vacationing in these states.

You want all those transplanted New Yorkers to move out of Eastern Pennsylvania and back to New York? Oh please, oh please, oh please, YES! Do it. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. This is strategic brilliance. Please implement forthwith.

32 Responses to “Is That a Threat or a Promise?”

  1. Bitter says:

    I think it’s funny that he thinks denying us his presence by also refusing to vacation in states with pro-gun laws is somehow a punishment. Talk about an inflated sense of self-importance.

  2. thatturahguy says:

    This would make Montana much, much more pleasant to live in. Let’s encourage this.

  3. Joethefatmanâ„¢ says:

    As a Texan I say : YES, Please! And encourage similarly minded Austinites to follow his plan.

  4. Matthew Carberry says:

    One more bit of evidence that the reflexively anti-gun don’t bother to look at the laws of even their own states, particularly about carry and “assault weapons.” Most don’t realize how out of step with reality their beliefs really are.

  5. Nate says:

    They probably say the same thing when we make economic arguments like, “Well, I won’t go hunting in your state anymore!” They’re salivating at the prospect. The issue here is that culture is far stronger than economics. In general, people are willing to sacrifice some money or prosperity if it means they don’t have to see “those people” who they don’t like.

    This kind of auto-segregation is probably for the best, if you ask me. People naturally gravitate towards those they feel they have something in common with. Diversity just causes the “diverse” people in close proximity to one another to hate each other. Having people of differing attitudes physically separated from one another and able to control their own political processes will probably result in far less tension, conflict, and ill will.

    • Geodkyt says:

      The big difference is that these states DO get harmed economically and noticeably when gunnies actually do stop spending money there. Look at Colorado. I’ll bet NY is taking a fairly large hit, too.

      Whereas the hardcore antigun bigots who would actually bother keeping track of which states they are suppost to divest themselves of frankly don’t spend a whole Hell of a lot of money here anyway. . .

    • Arnie says:

      Exactly right, Nate! I think the official designation is “freedom of association,” and in some housing covenants, it is codified in statute.

      The problem comes when the 14th Amendment gets unconstitutionally applied to private persons and their businesses (when by its very wording it can only apply to governments supported involuntarily by taxpayers). That unconstitutional usurpation allows these troublemakers to come in to your peaceful community and force you to change the way you’ve always lived, and force you to endorse and abide by their way of life – whether it involves gun-ownership, religious values, or sexual morality, you can no longer make your own rules. Your personal freedom gets hijacked by a minority of arrogant newcomers who have a tyrannical government backing them up.

      You said it well, Nate: let “diversely-valued” people physically separate and form their own communities and then live and let live. Before 1776 they were called Colonies. Today, they are States. Tomorrow, it would unfortunately seem, they will be gone, forced to mingle as “one nation” ruled by the least common denominator: tolerance!

      – Groan! –

      Gratefully, Arnie

  6. Dannytheman says:

    OMG, how funny and stupid is this person? What other RIGHT would he want to segregate from?

  7. Drang says:

    I look forward to the mass migration from Washington back to California.

  8. TS says:

    The democrats would kiss the White House goodbye if all those liberals in swing states move to deep blue states.

  9. Clay says:

    Please God make it so.

  10. OMG, the Raleigh suburb of Cary is going to be depopulated!

  11. PMain says:

    Great we get back Yellow Stone, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Sedona, all of the South & Mid West…


  12. The Jack says:

    Talk about an over-inflated sense of self.

    “Hey if you don’t ban the things we want you to ban then we’ll stop trying to lobby and vote to get them banned!”

    But that’s fitting with rampant egoism. They think they’re punishing people by denying others their “glory”

    Maybe this is what’s hampering the Free State Project. Perhaps they should *stop* immigrating to New Hampshire until they get their way.

    • Here in NH, every Free State Project migrant is invisible in a swarm of tax refugess from the People’s Republic of Massachusetts. Of course, the Massholes get here, vote D for Disarmament, and initiate agitation for kinder, gentler social welfare policies. “What do you mean, there’s no all-day kindergarten and I’ll have to pay for child care for Snowflake? There oughta be a law!”

  13. Instinct says:

    Hell, I’ll help them pack!

  14. Ed says:

    Ironically I used to sped a lot of vacation time in Colorado, but after they passed the anti-gun laws last year, I scratched them from my list of places where I go for recreation.

  15. Unclezip says:

    Oh yes. Please take all of the Commiefornia transplants out of Oregon!

  16. rd says:

    You must encourage the major paper(s) in your state to republish this NYT editorial. Call them today! Email them!

    Please ask the Philly and Pittsburgh papers to reprint it. Same thing with Austin, St. Louis, Billings, etc.

  17. Regular Guy says:

    Being from Florida, I give this 2 thumbs up!!

  18. Chris from AK says:

    To be fair we do much the same.

    I for one avoid business in the ban states. I know others that do as well.

    More of the “Two Americas,” just with an economic instead of socio-political slant.

  19. Drifter says:

    He had me until the last sentence. I don’t get the “we must tell you how to live” mentality.

  20. Old NFO says:

    I’ll help them pack… :-)

  21. Joe_in_Pitt says:

    Oh how nice that would be.

    Of course I’m well-aware of the eastern side of the state having problems with NJ transplants, and maybe it’s just me, but my time in western PA hasn’t introduced me to a large number of transplants who are bringing their anti-gun beliefs to their new state. Maybe it’s just because the area is more distressed and not as appealing on a national stage as places like VA, NC, TX, etc. I feel like out here our biggest problem is actually with native Pennsylvanians (a combination of inner city liberals and fudds).

    • Sebastian says:

      I feel like out here our biggest problem is actually with native Pennsylvanians (a combination of inner city liberals and fudds).

      I agree. My big fear is that our gun culture is aging more than most other states, and is heavily tilted towards hunters. Look at how many clubs do the kinds of shooting sports young people like? None in my area, that I know of. Maybe Langhorne Rod and Gun comes close, but those are informal matches. Not that there’s not young gun owners around, but they don’t seem to be much engaged with the culture.

  22. Cargosquid says:

    Now…..if we could just partition Northern Virginia and let it secede or, better yet….have all those damn liberals move to MD.

  23. aerodawg says:

    Don’t make promises you can’t keep jerks!

  24. Patrick says:

    Yes. Please leave Virginia and Florida.



    Buh bye now.