The Fight Shifts to the Senate

Once again, I want to thank everyone for their patience on Fridays when I am not really able to easily keep up with the blog during the day. The New Jersey Assembly passed the magazine ban, which means the fight is now on in the Senate. From ANJRPC:

The agenda for Monday’s Senate Law and Public Safety Committee meeting is out, and S993 (gun ban / mag ban) is not on it.  While that could change at any time, reliable sources in Trenton tell us that an “issue” has arisen that is prompting the legislation to be held until after the budget recess in April.

Whether the “issue” is the outrage of thousands of gun owners, hunters and sportsmen,the realization that the legislation and its amendments are fundamentally flawed, or something else, reports of the reprieve, if accurate, would represent a significant break in the momentum of this legislation.  Anti-gun lawmakers have been on a full court press since February to get this legislation to the Governor’s desk, and great pains were taken to reschedule an Assembly hearing (after it was cancelled due to winter storm Titan) so the bill could be delivered to the Governor this month.

While gun owners should remain prepared to come to Trenton Monday morning if something changes over the weekend, as of this afternoon it does not appear that will be necessary.  Should we receive contrary information over the weekend, we will issue a follow-up alert.

In the meanwhile, there should be no break in the momentum from our end.  Gun owners, hunters and sportsmen must continue to weigh in by email with every State Senator, and by phone and fax with their individual State Senator.  Tell them to oppose S993 (gun ban / mag ban).

This should be a no-brainer veto for Christie. Hell, if I were him I’d hold up a Model 60 in the presser and tell the world this is what the New Jersey Democrats wanted to ban. “You probably had one of these when you were a kid.” The messaging practically writes itself. That might not be a true statement in New Jersey, but it sure is in New Hampshire, and South Carolina, and some of the other early key primary states.

3 thoughts on “The Fight Shifts to the Senate”

  1. I grew up in NJ (I’m sorry to say) and I had a Glennfield model 60, fun gun but not real accurate, least mine wasn’t. My Ruger 10/22 was better, and my Ithica X-15 Lightening was a tack driver!

  2. Sadly this will be the second time the Marlin 60 is banned in NJ. The original 60 was banned by the first NJ assault weapons ban in 1990. Marlin subsequently redesigned the 60 with a shorter mag tube so it would be NJ compliant. This is not conjecture. Joseph Pelleteri learned this the hard way as he was convicted for possession of a Marlin 60 and was sentenced to probation.

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