The Conservative Media Catches Up

It’s tough to know what to post about today since the big headlines that general rightwing folks are pushing are the upcoming announcement later today about what gun controls New York will push and the Iowa lawmaker who is advocating for confiscation of firearms. That’s the problem with following the issue pretty closely. We covered Rep. Dan Muhlbauer’s comments a week ago, and we already knew to look for extreme proposals out of New York.

In fact, right now I’m trying to put myself in the mindset of someone who is reading today’s Drudge headlines and tweets from conservatives as big “new” news. I’m helping Sebastian with his legislative report to his gun club meeting to make sure that all the relevant bases are covered. When lawmakers are just piling on, it’s hard to remember everything. Obviously, it won’t be about issues in New York or Iowa, but we’ve had our share of bad things promised in the last month here in Pennsylvania or from our federal representatives. Many of these folks will be hearing about these issues for the very first time tonight.

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  1. I’ve also seen another one of my conservative “reads” pick up on the senate rule changes that could potentially impact any new legislation brought to the floor during the next session. I suspect we’ll see the grassroots coalesce around a “don’t let them take your guns” type of thing when there is movement on a bill or bills, probably not until a bill gets voted out of committee, though. I know most of us follow things before they’re news around here, like you indicated.

    NY is such a unique situation, too, here since they are in the center of the Gannett gun owner map scandal. If that hasn’t already lit a fire under gun owners butts in NY I honestly don’t know what will.

    1. Well, it’s only directly affecting handgun owners, per Tammany Hall gangster and legislator (but I repeat myself :-) Timothy Sullivan’s Law, since 1911 you can’t legally possess one without a permit.

      Gannett’s stunt’s might not sway the Fudds, I don’t know, there are plenty who just hunt deer Upstate once a year. Now, if there’s a demand they register their long guns … overreach has been our friend so far.

      Agreed that we’ll only really see action after a bill gets voted out of committee, probably the Senate Judiciary Committee, who’s members include ALL the top Senate gun grabbers as I count them and the one absolutely solid pro-RKBA vote on our side … or so I hope, Tom Coburn:

      Patrick Leahy, Vermont, Chairman
      Dianne Feinstein, California
      Chuck Schumer, New York
      Richard Durbin, Illinois
      Sheldon Whitehouse, Rhode Island
      Amy Klobuchar, Minnesota
      Al Franken, Minnesota
      Chris Coons, Delaware
      Richard Blumenthal, Connecticut

      Checked all of the above I wasn’t familiar with and with the possible exception of Patrick Leahy, current NRA rating C, voted for the original AWB but is non-committal right now, they all look like votes for a ban or are calling for one, e.g. to no one’s surprise Al Franken has reversed his election “no gun control” pledge.

      Meanwhile, on the Red side of the isle:

      Chuck Grassley, Iowa, Ranking Member
      Orrin Hatch, Utah
      Jeff Sessions, Alabama
      Lindsey Graham, South Carolina
      John Cornyn, Texas
      Mike Lee, Utah
      Tom Coburn, Oklahoma

      More than one notorious squish there, we’ll see. May not matter with all the anti-gun Dems; note they’re all from the Northeast, Illinois and Minnesota.

  2. Gawker also recently published a list of NYC gun license holders:

    Not all Americans are as irrational and irresponsible as these liberal New York news outlets and their faithful readers, are they? Unfortunately I don’t get out of NYC much.

    We’re as fired up as we can be in NY, I assure you. The problem is, our influence is very limited in such an extreme, anti-gun state.

    1. Good point about that publication. I guess I just kind of lump it in there with the Journal News issue, but they didn’t create an interactive map that criminals could pull up or print off easily. One new bit of news front there, the Gawker poster who put that up there was whining on Twitter last night that people were publishing details about him and how that’s not very nice.

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