Running Against SAFE in NY …

… it’s winning some politicians re-election. This is somewhat heartening because Erie County contains Buffalo, which is a reasonably sized city. But upstate has always been relatively anti-gun control. It’s the fact that they are outvoted by downstate that keeps New York anti-gun. From both an economical and political point of view, it would actually make sense to partition New York State into two states, New York, and Upper New York. It’s more than just guns. The economic policies and taxes imposed by downstate have ruined the upstate economy. It’s depopulating faster than Western Pennsylvania, because of the lack of opportunity. It doesn’t hurt the downstate people as much because the financial industry throws off enough money to afford the tax burdens and regulations.

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  1. It isn’t just Erie Co. Cuomo put a pile of cash into Nassau thinking SAFE was popular and lost in a big way. NYC media refuses to cover it.

  2. I went to university in Erie County. My parents used to live in the Southern Tier.

    We all moved out of New York. Not just due to the horrible jobs, but the dismal jobs, constant nannying and insane taxation.

  3. There are several states that could be split and make the populace happier. Northern Illinois, Northern California….most any state with a large population mass and a low population rural area.

    1. I think that the People’s Demokratik Republik of Kollyvornia would be better split lengthwise, as the Commies are in the big cities and the Coast Ranges, with Sacrilegious, er *ahem* Sacramento, being the Communist pocket in the Central Valley Everything east of the Sierras, and in the deserts (except for the Cucaracha, er, Coachella Valley) is pretty much gun-keeping Red

  4. As an Upstate NY native, may I suggest they be named “New York” and “Lower New York”. Or even “Lesser New York”.

    And I am like Jack. Left after school and never looked back. The place is a hallow shell of what it once was.

    My brother is still up there. He was commuting between MD and NY during the gun control stuff earlier this year. He saw me working to fight it, and helped us in Maryland (he was here more than NY). He called me from NY after the SAFE Act passed. He was at his bowling league north of Syracuse when the news came down and he said the whole place stopped like the news was covering a major natural disaster. People stopped bowling. The thing that pretty much ticked us both off was that the majority of people there – big gun people – did not even know the law was being considered. He was floored. It was disheartening to us both, to say the least.

    Hoping they have an impact down the road.

  5. I spent my high school years living in Buffalo I lived a Block from the UB. At that time the place was ruled by the mob.

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