Monday News Dump

With a fresh coat of spring snow on the ground, and more coming down for the next several hours, rather than dreaming of the White Easters, just like the ones I never knew, I’ll offer up some news:

Publicola takes a look at Hickenlooper’s flexible position on gun control. Very few politicians really care about this issue. People want to say it’s a third rail, but those in power sure don’t act like it, do they?

Joe takes on the Biden notion that lives are saved by reloading.

Congrats to SayUncle for 1000 posts of gun porn! I meant to link this sooner, but real life got in the way of blog.

The gun control groups are trying to make hay of the fact that NRA has been calling up its contact list to oppose gun control. Well, this is a Newtown fact you won’t see the anti-gun folks talking about.

The Second Amendment as understood by a Second Amendment scholar, on PBS.

Jim Carrey’s anti-vaccination hysteria has killed more kids than our guns. Twitchy has more on Jim Carrey.

Eugene Volokh is among the 100 most influential lawyers in America. Also on that list? Alan Gura.

Putting the cart before the horse when it comes to anti-depressents and people who go berserk.

The bells are tolling in Colorado, but not for us. This has to be made so, and it will take grassroots organization like we’ve never seen to get it done.

The Rise of the AR-15, in the Hartford Courant. A fair look at the rifle.

6 thoughts on “Monday News Dump”

      1. Evidently the guy, McLachlan had lost several elections in a row and finally got elected while spouting a pro-2a line. He just took his seat a few months ago.

        He also really didn’t like getting called a traitor to his face.

    1. You only need to qualify that with, “where it’s possible.” Recall isn’t legally available in all states.

      Just thinking out loud, but strategizing may be needed, balancing the ability to raise money for it, against the likelihood of the recall effort being successful, and whether it will cause its targets to spend campaign money that may cause them to come up short in the next election; or is success in dumping them more likely by using the resources to primary them at the next election — etc. Going into an effort great guns because emotions are high now, that with hindsight may not have the highest probability of success, could be a mistake.

  1. My mother, who lives in the newtown area, freaked out because she got a call from the NRA. I pointed out that a member of her household (not me, someone living there) is an NRA member.

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