Happy Monday News Links

If you’re like me, you’re watching the thermometer and hoping that it’ll rise enough today to solve the snow problem outside. Because I work from home three days a week, I don’t have to bother with shoveling the driveway unless I have to go somewhere, which gives it some time to melt. But despite the disappearing snow, we have no shortage of news links:

Cerberus Capital may have found an investor for The Freedom Group, that would allow some of their unhappy investors (namely pension systems for anti-gun states) to get out.

If they can do that, of course, they can also plant evidence without a trace. . . .

Thirdpower finds another instance of “I’m a gun owner, but …” Not to overlook its twin brother, “I support the Second Amendment, but …”

The DeSantis Holster Company Greatly Annoys Me.

Thirdpower checks on some MAIG mayors and starts to believe they are fudging the roles. Given how many mayors complained they didn’t know what they were signing up for, I think if any reporter decided to dig, they’d find a lot of examples like Thirdpower found.

The Daily Beast does a puff piece on Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy, and how he’s taking on the big bad NRA.

Trap shooting to come back to Minnesota schools? We need more of this if we’re going to have any prayer of ending the hysterics in public schools.

A reader sent me an article, but I thought I’d go dig up the original source: US v. Miller, how the Second Amendment was subverted.

Moms Demand Guns continues to use falsities to bully retailers into banning guns. I think they won’t have much luck, as long as we can avoid the mistakes our side made with Starbucks.

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