Brady Campaign Continues to Deny Reality

The Brady Campaign and LCAGV continue to live in an alternate reality where recalling not just one, but three Colorado politicians doesn’t really mean anything.

“There’s been disproportionate attention paid to the Colorado recall, where the corporate gun lobby was able to create the perfect circumstances for a handful of extremists to carry the day,” said Dan Gross, the president of the Brady Campaign.

What I really don’t understand about their “logic” here is whether NRA did it, or it was largely spontaneous grassroots organizing, three enemies of the Second Amendment still lost their seats by voting for gun control. At the end of the day, I think that reality matters more than who really deserves credit. Gross is trying to spin his way out of the fact that the Colorado recall efforts likely spooked the Democrats into being a lot more skeptical of the bridge he’s and his allies are trying to sell them.

8 thoughts on “Brady Campaign Continues to Deny Reality”

  1. It’s amusing when anti-gun groups like the Brady Campaign promise they’ll work to protect an anti-gun politician come election time. The BC doesn’t exactly have a massive boots-on-the-ground presence in Colorado, so they can’t volunteer or hand out pamphlets or anything like that. From afar, they can only donate money …

    … and they’ve had to cut staff so they can afford to pay their lease and light bills.

  2. Gross is echoing the comments Michael Bloomberg made the day after the Giron/Morse recalls:

    What do you mean we lost? I’m sorry for those two people. But we won in Colorado. On to the next state.

    It doesn’t matter if Gross gets it or not. He’s got job security. What matters is the message politicians take from this.

    1. “On to the next state”. And how’s that going to go?

      “You don’t care about your seat, right? Vote for my gun control package then.”

  3. never mind the fact that prior to the recall, Morse and Giron were touting the prospect of them being recalled as near impossible…

  4. That’s like calling the kettle black. Didn’t MAIG push through the gun control laws in CO? That was a corp. anti-gun lobby. They’re just upset that they aren’t the handful of extremists that CAN’T carry the day away from our rights.

  5. Sebastian, respectfully my friend, you are wrong. Brady Campaign is not denying reality.

    They are just brazenly lying. There was no “corporate gun lobby” – it was a grass roots effort.

    The point of their comment was to lie, not merely spin, not merely deny reality. Brazen lie.

    1. Well, to be fair, they are denying reality. They are only lying if they know reality yet deny it, as opposed to being oblivious to reality and denying it. I suspect you are correct, but since I am not inside their minds (thank God), I’ll only accuse what I can clearly see.

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