More on the Colorado Recall


From a round-up on the election news from Jim Geraghty, we see the Democratic Party is apparently resorting to making the recalls all about the supposed war on women as the recall against Colorado’s Senate President John Morse continues to not look so good for him. Basically, they hope to out single-issue the traditional single-issue voters.

But, perhaps more interesting is the fact that the way the recall is planned may well be unconstitutional. Looking at how election officials have handled this, it is pretty clear that Colorado’s election laws are an absolute mess of conflicting orders and requirements. That is to blame on lawmakers, but you’d think that election officials would have prepared for it.

3 thoughts on “More on the Colorado Recall”

  1. Darkly ironic given the War on Women Colorado dems shows with their gun control. Such as Joe “women are too dumb to know if they’re being raped” Salazar.

    But War on Women has a good beat and the base can dance to it.

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