Tuesday News

The snow is falling again, and our office is closed. It’s the wet, heavy stuff this time that i the bane of conifers everywhere. But my office is always open, so I don’t get out of doing work. There might actually be enough going on for two link posts in as many days:

The Firearm Industry Consulting Group is filing a comment for 41P, the changes in NFA trusts, that is very detailed. They are preparing to sue over any rule change ATF may implement.

Clayton Cramer summarizes the UConn School of Law Symposium on the Second Amendment.

I think at this point George Zimmerman should seriously consider the monastic life.

New York won’t release SAFE Act compliance numbers. As Uncle says, know what it leads to. Don’t register if you want to keep them.

An affordable 3D metal printer? Looks pretty crude, but does it work? Something like that isn’t going to lay down quality metal, but even pot metal beats plastic.

Someone needs a refresher in how rights work. Seeking medical treatment is a right too. You just don’t have a right to demand someone else provide it to you, any more than you have a right to demand I give you one of my guns.

Remember, if you think people are out for your guns you’re a paranoid wing nut.



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  1. The article says the MIG metal printer is laying down layers of steel, not zinc alloy, so it is already a step up in strength from the cheapest guns which already meet industry safety standards.

    With a hobbyist CAD controlled milling machine and lathe (another few grand) to build the actual pressure-bearing parts (barrel / bolt) you could build a firearm with some real potential.

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