Everything You Need to Know About the Colorado Recalls

Jim Geraghty has a handy guide, including a lot of aspects of it I didn’t know about. I didn’t realize this would be a mail-in ballot. You have to first vote “Yes” to recall, and then vote for the replacement. A “no” vote on recall will leave the incumbent in place. Not voting on the recall question will invalidate your ballot.

Having thrown down, we really have to win the recall. Closer to the election, when the ducks line up, we’ll take a look at the opposition candidates. I would encourage everyone to do what they can to support the recall efforts. A win or a loss here will have implications for the entire country, not just Colorado.

2 thoughts on “Everything You Need to Know About the Colorado Recalls”

  1. This is a big first step toward sending a message to Bloomberg and his ilk. It will help 2014 greatly if we can win the recall. I’ll be helping out in anyway I can.

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