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When the media isn’t busy talking about whether George Zimmerman had a hard poop this morning, they are talking about Syria. It’s still a gun news desert. That might change after the recall elections. If we win, you can expect crickets. If we lose, you can expect it to be evidence the people want more gun control, and you can expect the media, politicians and gun control advocates to start beating the drum again. If we win one but not the other, pundits will wring their hands and ponder what it means. I’ll take a dry news cycle for a win.

NYC cops dealing in illegal firearms? Maybe Bloomberg should look in his own backyard before looking in mine.

Comparing murder rates between countries is troublesome because they all have different standards.

Pete King (R-NY) is planning to run for President. That’s crazy talk. The GOP will never nominate a RINO from a deep blue northeastern state.

ATF has published their proposed ATF rule.

So some two-bit dictator gasses a lot of his people, and the UN is hapless. But one guy shoots another guy and they are all over that. Why is it we continue to let the UN occupy some of the most valuable real-estate in the US?

I’d just like to make clear, I’d never endorse destruction of public property. No. Never.

Panic in Maryland, as gun control law looms.

Fallout from the SAFE act continues in New York.

Massad Ayoob on Aftershocks in the Zimmerman verdict.

Guns Against Tyranny. A must read by an immigrant from China.

3 thoughts on “Tuesday News”

  1. I’ll endorse destruction of public property. Not random, wanton destruction, merely targeted destruction of property being used to violate our rights and dignity.

    To use an extreme example: If a publicly owned drone is used to launch missiles at me, the mere fact that taxpayers have paid for it isn’t about to stop me from destroying the damn thing.

    Whether or not destruction of that particular speed camera is appropriate is an open question. The “1776” is a nice touch. Without that message, it would make more sense to just drive a bulldozer through the thing.

    I’m just sayin’….

  2. We have thousands of those speed traps in France. Around 20-25% are down at a given time, with a significant downtime caused by pissed off motorists.

    Lots of paint, some rifle/shotgun shots (especially in Corsica; at some point they quit fixing some of the cameras there, because they’d be shot again a couple hours later and some say they feared for the safety of the repairmen).
    A couple of them ripped off the ground by trucks. Some hammer blows, …

    The most active speed camera in France issued 160 000 tickets and brought in a estimated 10 million euros (~$13M) in a single year.
    The cash-strapped socialist French Republic relies on the cash flow to fund all those entitlement programs ! It’s for the children and your own good (combo !).

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