News Media Loving the Alt-history

What if Zimmerman didn’t have a gun? You keep seeing this in the media, as if we can really know, and if this isn’t anything more than wild assed speculation. It’s utter nonsense.

Maybe he wouldn’t have gotten out of the car. Maybe he would have gotten beaten to death. Maybe he would have ended up in a coma for two months, and recovered. Wouldn’t that be a better outcome? Maybe he would have not gotten involved in his neighborhood and stayed home like a good scared little citizen. Maybe he would have had it out with Tray and they could have gone for ice cream afterwards.

Who knows and who cares? What if Hitler had gotten accepted into art school? We’ll never know.

9 thoughts on “News Media Loving the Alt-history”

  1. “What if Hitler had gotten accepted into art school?”

    Or what if the Wiemar Republic had created a prestigious sounding but trivial ministry and appointed him to it?

    Ranks right up there with, what if the dog hadn’t stopped to take a crap, would he have caught the rabbit? :-)

  2. I don’t mean to be insensitive – I really don’t – but my first reaction to that question is this:

    The news media is undergoing a long and painful recovery from the royal butt-hurt when the racist, gun-toting, vigilante, wannabe-cop, child-stalking antagonist-to-their-narrative successfully argued a perfectly-legal self-defense case before a jury of his peers, resulting in an acquittal. If engaging in “what-if” scenarios is cathartic, more power to them – although I do wish they wouldn’t drag their recovery into the public sphere. The rest of America doesn’t take them or their “what-ifs” seriously.

    I really don’t mean that to sound insensitive, but they were offered factual corrections at every turn; they’re sleeping in the bed they made for themselves, and I for one am beyond sympathy and running low on patience with them.

  3. OK, I’ll bite. Travon Martin would have been tried as an adult and spent the next several years in prison where he would have completed his thug education.

  4. Guess I will play the game too. If everything had played out the same with exception of the gun, then most likely zimmerman would be dead or in a comma. The situation he was in was called being past your guard. It is almost impossible to get out of even if you know what you are doing.

    But I will play the game a little differn, what if zimmerman’s shot was to the left/right 1/4″ ~1/8″? Most likely Martin would be alive.

  5. “What if Hitler had gotten accepted into art school?”

    Well, Ho Chi Minh was a Classically trained French chef.

  6. “What if Hitler had gotten into art-school?”

    Probably would have flunked out anyways.

  7. Here is my guess:

    Local Man in Critical Condition after Beating

    A neighborhood watch captain is in the hospital and fighting for his life tonight with a fractured skull and other injuries. He was found beaten Sunday night shortly after he reported a suspicious man in a gray hoodie wandering through the neighborhood. George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch captain is in the hospital and fighting for his life tonight with a fractured skull and other injuries. Police were responding to his report of a suspicious person when neighbors reported a man screaming for help to 911. Witnesses said Zimmerman was on the ground and screaming for help and then suddenly stopped yelling. The assailant fled the scene before police arrived.

    Zimmerman, age 27, is the local neighborhood watch captain for the Retreat at Twin Lakes. His wife ________, said he was a devoted family man and involved in the community. He tutored several youths in Orlando last year, and was an activist convinced the local police to bring charges in the beating of Sherman Ware, a black homeless man. __________, the son of a Sanford police officer was convicted of assaulting Sherman Ware on December 4, 2010.

    Neighbors report that there has been a rash of burglaries in the neighborhood in the last year, including a home invasion. Mrs. Zimmerman stated her husband was returning from shopping at the Target store when he spotted a suspicious person and contacted the police.

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