News Links for “Ugh! I hate the news cycle!”

All the news media is talking about the Zimmerman case, and all the old narratives are coming back. The ignorance burns. Everyone knows what happened in the Zimmerman case. Everyone’s an expert, and everyone has an opinion, even when they have no idea what they are talking about. Here’s the news:

The psychology of gun laws. She should have stopped at “I’m no legal expert”

USA Today has their viewpoint, and they think none of us are responsible enough to bear arms.

The Chicago Police Chief also thinks you’re stupid.

Mississippi gun laws are too confusing, apparently. OK… I’ll bite. Let’s get rid of them then, if they are too confusing.

It’s like Deja Vu in Florida.

Glenn Reynolds: A black man defends himself against a white attacker and is acquitted. Yeah, I didn’t hear about this either. Also, American own nearly half of the privately owned guns on earth. I think we can do better too.

The ignorance, it burns.

The rush to gun control causes Connecticut to pass a bill so we could find out what’s in it.

Not gun related, but this makes perfect political sense to me. Those welfare recipients vote Republican.

Remember, they hate us. The best revenge is working through the system to ensure they remain very angry, very disappointed people.

Black lawmakers are readying a flurry of bills in response to the Zimmerman acquittal, none of which would have anything to do with the actual case. I’m sympathetic to racial profiling by police, but the best way to stop that is to end the drug war.

A gun buyback you can believe in.

Is grey the new black?


6 thoughts on “News Links for “Ugh! I hate the news cycle!””

  1. I ran with your comment on ‘The psychology of gun laws’.

    This is what I wrote:
    ““I’m no legal expert.”
    Clearly. But that didn’t stop you, now did it?

    Perhaps you can use this as a learning experience and not make the same mistake in the future. Remember, ‘learning is growth’!!! :) “

  2. I’ve been using the tactic of arguing the drug war is the biggest reason for gun crime. It really shuts up anti gunners when I show the facts.

  3. I read that article. It said something about the rate of ownership is something like 88 out of 100.

    To paraphrase Nicolas Cage in ‘Lord of War’, what can we do about the other 12?

  4. “American own nearly half of the privately owned guns on earth. I think we can do better too.”

    That subject interests me, because after I made contact with formerly unknown family in a former Soviet republic, after independence, I gathered from what they could explain to me that gun ownership in the Soviet Union had not been so much a question of “rights” as economics. They didn’t have many guns, for the same reason they didn’t have many cars. As far as the law was concerned, what they explained to me sounded pretty much like New Jersey — and I don’t say that only as a dig at New Jersey. But, they had owned basic hunting guns even as political deportees in Siberia.

    Some of the guns I saw there that they bought new, after independence, were very nice — but still no more of them than you would expect in a country where a top-level professional was lucky to be making $150 a month. Economics remained more of a limiting factor than “freedom.” (And the “freedom” seemed to be considerably more than we have in Pennsylvania.)

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