Zimmerman OMG!

Isn’t this guy’s 15 minutes over yet? Miguel takes the most comprehensive look at the reaction. Apparently GZ is in the midst of a messy divorce and his wife is making allegations. This is me twirling my finger. I guess that’s just how the cracker crumbles. I don’t plan to keep covering the comings and goings of George Zimmerman. I couldn’t be filled with more don’t give a crap about him at this point.

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  1. Miguel link mistakenly goes to CNN Co Recall.

    This also seems to be even more full of hot air. As Zimmerman was not arrested and the Police didn’t find a gun at scene (or they didn’t take one).

    But hey, the Hive demands blood, and they’ll get it one way or another.

  2. Remember, his wife is a convicted liar. She many just have violated probation terms with her false claim. Don’t be shocked if she gets arrested and charged – again.

  3. The soon to be exes refused to sign an affadavit to press charges and GZ offered up the house security tapes.

    That’s a direct indication the soon to be ex-wife was lying her ass off and didn’t want another perjury charge on her record…

      1. That really only comes into play when you sign a statement or a charging affidavit.

  4. You can say you choose to ignore Zimmerman, but like it or not, we collectively chose to own him, and we do. Politically we will be answering for him for the rest of his life — which was our choice. Rather than just focus on the raw issues of his case, we also found it necessary to imbue him with virtues, and Martin with faults, that were not necessarily relevant to the simple questions of self-defense in the case.

    Zimmerman was a cop wannabe and workplace bully and troublemaker who was and is a time bomb waiting to explode. The Martin incident was his first big eruption. Whatever the facts in the current domestic incident, there is nothing reported that is out of character from what prior testimony regarding him suggests.

    We can applaud his acquittal in the Martin case as the perfectly correct outcome for self-defense that it was, but I predict we will eventually regret having embraced him so personally in the period between the Martin shooting and his acquittal. While we try to ignore him, we will always be asked to answer for him, whatever he does in the future. He was our poster-child, if only briefly, but we’ll find we adopted him forever in the process.

    1. Do you have links to him being a bully and troublemaker?
      This is the first I’ve heard of this from an honest source.

        1. According to an unnamed witness, who never came forward, and never testified to Zimmerman’s racist tendencies? Not exactly a credible report.

          1. None of that would have been admissible evidence or testimony at the trial. It wasn’t relevant to the facts regarding what happened. I have not heard the facts stated in that testimony disputed. In my opinion, Zimmerman’s undisputed status of being a cop wannabe, fit the profile of everything else that was alleged. But again, none of that had any bearing regarding the facts of the Martin case, as did not the accusations of sexual abuse made by his female cousin — if I recall correctly.

            I will stand by my prediction that Zimmerman will self-destruct somewhere down the line. Time will tell. I would not plan to stand too close to him.

    2. Right or wrong his virtues were, we also found out he also testified against a police department in a brutality case involving racial issues a year before his being arraigned on charges.

      I’ll agree that his virtues were played up just like TM’s. Personally, I could care less about his virtues. We also see the same thing when excessive force cases are brought forth involving cops. There is a standard by which we should judge these cases, and in some cases we will never know who was in the wrong. This was one of those, but in terms of what the law saws, GZ was tried and found not guilty by a jury of his peers. That should be it. Nothing more, nothing less.

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