Thursday News

At the risk of chugging down my last bottle of water in the desert, here’s the news:

Press checking your gun affects the overall length. Not a practice I’ve ever engaged in. In a Glock, you can see brass in the chamber from the side. Same with the Ruger LCP. Also, you can fix that problem by not constantly unloading and reloading. I just remove the gun in the holster when I’m done with it.

Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate in Virginia Terry McAuliffe meets with Mike Bloomberg. Bloomberg’s track record in Virginia politics is pretty abysmal. Kiss of death?

The streak had to end sometime. Some evidence that gun sales are slowing.

Bob Barr on Obama’s second term war on the Second Amendment.

Is it just me, or are douchenozzles on the Internet getting more assertive in their douchenozzlry as of late? I’d ignore any threat I got electronically. Beyond that, Popehat has done great work in coordinating attorneys who enjoy putting the smack down on threats like this.

Joshua Prince says the time to think about an NFA trust is now. I’m thinking about getting something, but presumably any further acquisitions will follow the new rules, and all the suburban counties save Delaware [Apparently they do sign] sign off (and I’m not going back there).

Labour Day Canadian Gun Rights Post. Strange Canadian, putting a ‘u’ in labor!

SAFE effect on Sheriff’s primaries.

And last, but certainly not least… if you’re in the Des Moines area, from David Young:

I will be giving a one hour presentation on the Second Amendment at the Des Moines Area Community College campus in Ankeny, Iowa, at 11:30AM on Sept. 17, 2013 as part of DMACC Constitution Day activites.

And now, we wait for more news to roll in, and hopefully have something further to write about today.

4 thoughts on “Thursday News”

  1. Since when does Delaware County not sign off on NFA forms? My relatives living there have had multiple form 4s and form 1s signed as recently as a year ago.

  2. I read the article on press checking, and since he didn’t measure the OAL after initial chambering, I’m not convinced the OAL change didn’t occur from the initial impact with the feed ramp, rather than gently backing the cartridge out of the chamber and nudging it back in. One could also single-load a cartridge directly into the chamber, ease the extractor over the rim, and press-check repeatedly to rule out OAL change from the feeding process.

    For an in-spec cartridge and an in-spec chamber, I don’t see how gentle press-checking is going to change OAL, since the cartridge should headspace on the case mouth and you shouldn’t be doing it fast enough that inertia comes into play. But I’m interested in reading further tests.

    As far as AR’s go, the “left-right” method works fine if you *always* pick up an empty rifle, load it using the left-right method to verify, then unload it before storage (as in the military or SWAT use). If you are trying to verify a loaded chamber on a rifle you’re pulling from the safe, though (particularly one that gets switched between defense and range duty a lot), then a press check is pretty much the only practical way to verify a loaded chamber.

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