Iowa Anti-Gun Group Goes TU

After Joyce cut off funding.  There’s no real reason for Iowa to be may issue, but they have the same problem Delaware does, in that if you live in most of the state, even Polk County, which contains Des Moines, you can get a license to carry if you jump through the hoops.  There are only a few counties in Iowa that don’t routinely issue, like Johnson County, which contains Iowa City, and Linn County, which contains Cedar Rapids.

But I dont’ get the impression we have much of a ground game going on in Iowa either.  It’s one of those weird states for the issue.  I think, in large part, Iowans tend to be hunters, rather than shooters, or people who are looking to have a gun for self-defense.

UPDATE: Looks like Linn County issues.    Strangely enough, you can get a license in Des Moines, but if you live in Des Moines County you’re screwed.  Des Moines County is over by Illinois.

2 thoughts on “Iowa Anti-Gun Group Goes TU”

  1. They probably have the same problem changing it that we do in Delaware, every time we try to go Shall Issue the bill gets enough restrictions and poison pills added to it that it’s not worth it anymore. I’d love to be shall issue, but not at the expense of never being able to actually use it.

  2. Actually in Linn County with the new sheriff, the issue problem is basically gone. The past sheriff had an unwritten rule (the problem with may issue) that unless you were routinely carrying $500 cash then he wouldn’t issue. The new sheriff will issue if your reason that you list is personal protection. I still wish that the state would go to shall issue anyway.

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