Canadian Long Gun Registry Repeal Passes House

It passes by 159 to 130. It’s been a long time coming just to get this far. It goes on to the Canadian Senate, where it’s expected to pass. Once politicians can repeal gun control, and nothing happens to them, they can be more easily convinced to repeal more, and then more. It’ll be up to Canadian gun owners to organize, and make sure the conservatives keep their majority.

One thought on “Canadian Long Gun Registry Repeal Passes House”

  1. I talked with a couple of IPSC shooters from my home and native land last year and a couple more gun owners when I was up there in January. They all agree that the next step in Canadian gun rights is opening up the ridiculous restrictions on “prohibited” and “restricted guns, where my CZ75 is perfectly OK, but my CZ P07, based on the same action but with a 3.8” barrel, is verboten.

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