Who Are The Bullies Again?

Senators Chris Murphy (D-CT) and Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) are joining the call to get Starbucks to ban guns. If they cave to these weasels, I’ll never drink their coffee again, and I think a lot of people would join ,me. Nonetheless, Senators control laws, and laws can destroy businesses. A lot of businesses are loathe to piss off lawmakers. But hey, remember that the anti-gunners say we’re the bullies.

5 thoughts on “Who Are The Bullies Again?”

  1. There is a chance that they are throwing a party today at Starbucks HQ because they know that if this gets out they could have the best Q3 in company history.

  2. Shorter CT Senators: Awful nice buisness you got here. Be a real shame if you didn’t ban lawful citizens we don’t like.

    Hey, let’s wonder what would happen if two senators from say Texas demanded that Starbucks ban oh… insert any subject really.

  3. Well, that’s interesting. Should these two be successful, then there’s nothing the federal government could not indirectly control.

    Don’t like mature single males at your public park because they “may pose a threat to children” ? Get government to ban them. How about red pickup trucks in the parking lot of your business? All gone, thanks to Congressional pressure.

    Congress doesn’t have to enact legislation to accomplish that – just threaten strongly enough that such action is possible and some businesses and local governments will comply with their wishes.

    That these idiots would even consider such action would seem to make them intellectually unsuited for public office of any kind. Given the festivities coming up in about 14 months, it’ll be interesting to see who lines up with them, and how long our memories are.

  4. Starbucks can ban the possession if firearms on their property if they wish. They’ll have no way if knowing what’s under my shirt anyway.

  5. Quick! Let’s have an open carry rally at Starbucks! Even better, let’s all carry AR-15s!

    I kid, but I’m sure that some idiots will actually do this, thinking it’ll help. Starbucks wants to sell coffee. They don’t want a bunch of clowns with guns showing up and pushing this issue. The thing is, when the anti-gunners show up, they don’t freak people out with guns. All they need to do is keep convincing gun activists to bring guns to Starbucks and make noise. As such, I don’t think it’s a question of if Starbucks bans guns, but when.

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