Canadians Set to Scrap Long Gun Registry, But Fight Not Over

Canadian Flag

Canada’s Tory government is coming very close to scrapping their long gun registry, after years of promising to do so. But the fight with the gun control groups in Canada is not over. Now they are calling for more restrictions on what our opponents here refer to as “assault weapons” in exchange for scrapping the registry. Those of us in the states might be surprised to learn that there are guns you can get in Canada that are unavailable to Americans because of our importation restrictions. For those unfamiliar with Canadian gun laws, you can learn about them here. Also, check out the statistics on gun ownership in Canada, and what kinds of firearms are available. Apparently the Mini-14, and Czech Vz 58 are becoming popular among Canadian shooters, and this naturally has the kind of people who worry that others might be having fun in hysterics.

3 thoughts on “Canadians Set to Scrap Long Gun Registry, But Fight Not Over”

  1. Canadian Gun Law Trivia: Minimum shotgun barrel length is 14″ there vs. 18″ in the US (unless you have an NFA stamp of course)

    Lucky bastards.

  2. “So far, the federal government has declined to prohibit these intimidating, ultramodern rifles.”
    The article references a Chinese M14. Let’s see, the M14 was standard issue from 1959 to 1970, based on the action of the Garand which debuted in 1936. Sounds ultramodern to me.

  3. I really, really don’t get the anti-gun hysteria of my native country. The one and only gunshot wound I’ve seen in my life was when I lived in Canada: A self-inflicted wound from a 10/22. Do the antis think that banning one of the most common firearms in the world will help with gangs?

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