Free and Clear to Carry at Bloomsburg Fair

I’m a bit late to this story, where Bloomsburg, PA had banned firearms from its fairgrounds, but it seems they have reversed their policy.

“Proper permits with a firearm will be allowed on the fairgrounds – even though I’m going against  the recs from homeland security,” said Bill Barrett, the Bloomsburg Security director.

DHS can shove their recommendations where the sun don’t shine. Is it any surprise the Obama Administration is peddling anti-gun advice under the banner of Homeland Security? Either way, the people who run the fair are wise to act quickly, before the preference cascade kicks in. That’s the big mistake that the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show made.

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  1. The Bloomsburg Fair may have rescinded this no firearms policy quickly but I am sure they will feel a backlash from pro-gun customers and performer.

    Ironically the opening concert is Lee Greenwood and the closing concert is Justin Moore. Lee Greenwood had performed at many NRA-PVF events and at NRA Annual Meetings. Justin Moore is a member of NRA Country and has told his concert attendees that if they don’t support the NRA to “get the fuck out” of his concert, in this video .

    So even though the Bloomsburg Fair allowed guns on the fair grounds, they still have a potential public relations problem if these two performers get vocal about their attempt to ban guns as the fair.

    You figure someone at the fair would have figured this out before booking these two performers.

  2. Bloomsburg, PA is one of those college towns that is run by lefty anti-gun types. I know of a FFL holder who tried to open a gun shop in Bloomsburg, PA. He made a proposal to open this shop inside a commercially-zoned building near the fair grounds. This building was unoccupied and still remains so due to being located in a flood-prone area. Long story short – the Bloomsburg Town Council flat out refused to allow a gun shop to be established in this building, so now it remains unoccupied, and not producing any tax revenues for the town.

    That same FFL holder more recently opened his gun shop in the Poconos instead. It was sometime over this summer, actually.

    If you are in the Poconos or visiting there, look for the Route 940 gun shop in Pocono Lake on Route 940. Here is the website:

    or call this number:


    1. I’d love to hear the details on this. The council here isn’t all that “lefty”, we have a Class 3 FFL and a Class 2 FFL in town and both were approved by the council and zoning.

      1. Get in touch with Mark Murphy at the Route 940 Gunshop in Pocono Lake. He is the sole proprietor of that establishment. You can ask him yourself about what happened when he tried to open a gun shop in Bloomsburg. Maybe there were objections to a gun shop being close to the fairgrounds, or maybe they felt his gun shop would have one gun shop too many in Bloomsburg, I don’t know, but the current site of his gun shop was not his first choice that he had in mind. He wound up taking over the commercially-zoned space of a previous gun shop that was almost never open for business.

  3. DHS pushing the disarmament of law abiding citizens at public events just another note in the song, a government at war with it’s people.

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