Hunters Stand with Gun Owners Over Sportsman’s Show “Black Gun” Ban

I’ll repeat something that I said earlier today about a commenter’s use of the term “Fudd” to describe the situation of the Eastern Sports & Outdoors Show:

I really hate using that term because far too many gun owners are willing to lump everyone or every thing branded “sportsman” or “hunter” into that category. The folks up there on the list of vendors who have pulled out over this decision include quite a few people who sell nothing at all related to the demonized “black rifles,” yet they are sacrificing thousands of dollars to make a stand for our rights.

I get what you are trying to say in terms of how the sponsors are behaving, but just be careful throwing around that term so that you don’t end up turning people against all hunters & sportsmen.

I think that’s especially relevant after more announcement tonights. Several of the archery hunting celebrity speakers have now pulled out of their events at the Eastern Sports & Outdoor Show because of the exhibition company’s ban on all things modern sporting rifle. They are standing with us. Half of the companies on the list I’ve been keeping of confirmed speakers and exhibitors who are sacrificing their deposits don’t sell any products related to shooting modern semi-automatic rifles. Yet, they stand with us.

Just like we would hope that Reed Exhibitions and the Eastern Sports & Outdoors Show wouldn’t judge a gun by its color and aesthetic features, I hope that our folks don’t judge a Second Amendment supporter by their favorite sports.

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  1. I still think Reeds and others who are wading into this political fight for no apparent reason, or against their visible interests, are judging more by the particular type of gun’s propensity to bring “be a shame if something happened to it” calls from administration lackeys. Don’t underestimate the Chicago-ness of Chicago pols. That kind of thing is business as usual up there, and an illustration of why countries with tribal patronage political systems tend to also have tribal militias to keep the ruling alliance’s depredations from getting out of hand. Something that was un-coincidentally not lost on the founders.

  2. Hear, hear!

    I go both ways, so to speak- IPSC and hunting. Deer this morning, duck tomorrow. And skeet. And carry. And collecting. And training. And I’ve got a flintlock kit in progress. I just love guns and all the things that go with them. And the wonderful people who do gun sports.

    It’s cliche, but we hang together or we hang separately. If there’s a gun sport you’ve not tried, try it now! Reach out to our brethren and tell them about the cool stuff you enjoy, too.

  3. What Andrew said. And, this is what Lee & Tiffany Lakosky posted on their facebook wall (they are the 10,000 pound gorilla of hunting shows)

    Hey everyone, sitting in Detroit right now waiting to fly back home to Iowa! In response to the situation with the Eastern Sports and Outdoor show, we just heard of their decision to ban “black guns” from their show while at SHOT this past week in Las Vegas. Of course, like most of you, Tiffany and I are strong supporters of the NRA and our 2nd amendment and are very disappointed with their decision. Last night an e-mail was sent to us with a statement from the NSSF and quite frankly, we were surprised by their stance. But, to give them the benefit of the doubt, we have not yet had time to dig into this and hear all the facts. Therefore, we don’t want to throw out a “knee jerk” statement before we do. Having said that, neither Tiffany or I can think of any excuse to give an inch to the people who are attempting to take away our rights. So, “officially” we will make a statement in the next couple of days but I can assure you right now, we WILL make the right decision.
    God Bless
    Lee and Tiffany

    Strikes me as just right. And I’m glad they put that threat in their to NSSF too!

  4. Just to throw it out, I post on a forum that would generally be described as fuddish. When gun control finally came up, I was not in the minority in smacking down the true fudds.


  6. I tried to respond to my earlier post about Fudds but you apparently deleted it. I thought our side didn’t do that.

    I am afraid that you are misunderstanding me. I am a hunter and I do not own a single modern sporting rifle. Not one. I have no immediate plans to own one. I am not saying that I wouldn’t take one at the right price but I have other firearms that have a higher aquistion priority. My definition of a Fudd is a person who is unwilling to fight for the firearms he doesn’t have or want. If I said “I don’t care about ARs because I don’t want one for deer hunting” I would be a Fudd. If all I owned were revolvers and I said “I don’t care about magazine size” I would be a Fudd. It would be difficult for me to put down hunter as Fudds since all my firearms are either for self defense, the range or hunting. Being a hunter or sportsman doesn’t make you a Fudd. Being willing to abandon part of the pack to save my guns is.

    Even though I do not own a modern sporting rifle and have no immediate plans to rectify that I will go to the wall to stop them from being banned. Anyone who wouldn’t is who I am calling a Fudd.

    1. Sorry, I was able to find the post after all. I apologize for assuming it had been deleted. I was wrong.

    2. “Being a hunter or sportsman doesn’t make you a Fudd. Being willing to abandon part of the pack to save my guns is.”

      I like that. Stand strong!

  7. The one club I have a membership with had a motion at summer meeting to ban all semi auto pistols and rifles from club facilities. That was a fudd proposal.

    1. I gather it failed; did it “go down in flames”, i.e. voted down by a large margin?

      That there are Fudds is a well known fact. That it appears that being one or supporting their posture is becoming untenable is big news.

      1. The one who made the motion was about older than dirt. He was just kind of told how ridiculous he was being and then was asked if his Brady membership is up to date – he didn’t know of the Brady Bunch. There were no seconds to his motion.

    2. What club? That is interesting that a club would ban 10/22’s etc.. not to mention any semi auto pistol since a large percentage are semi auto.

      I belong to 2 clubs one hunting and one shooting, and everything is welcome except 50 call BMG, facilities are not designed to handle it.

  8. I have no interest in tactical looking rifles. I love the rifles with beautiful wood stocks. However, I also love semi-automatic pistols. Black, blue, silver, all of them. I would like to have a bullpup style 12ga autoloader but won’t part with my great looking Rem. 1100. Single action revolvers are a special favorite of mine.

    So, what it amounts to is that I am a gun nut. Which type of guns, matters little. The question is, do you support the 2nd amendment? For everyone. FUDD’s are those who think their shooting sport is not under attack. The “I’m just a hunter so I’m OK” attitude makes me angry. 90 million gun owners in the USA and only 4 million NRA members. The great Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) is struggling for funds. This is caused by the FUDD’s. I’ve taken a new tactic. Anytime I hear a conversation about guns I always ask if they are members of the NRA or support the SAF. I will then give them the “letting the camel’s nose under the tent” speech. They can like it or not.

  9. Wow, I am going to have to figure out how I can spend some money to support those that pulled out.

  10. we need to stick together ban the sportsman show im sick of obama and his liberals

    1. Yeah, I touted that one on Twitter. At this point, the updates are coming so fast that I’m going to limit it to one summary post a day. The biggest damage has been done, so I’ll try to wrap up all future notices into one list of key highlights as we close in on the show dates. It’s actually comical to see how their front page has dwindled with canceled sponsorships and celebrity speakers backing out.

      1. And with the show starting Feb. 2nd, there’s 10 days for the damage to accumulate.

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