Utah Files Brief on Behalf of 2A Rights for 18-20 Year Olds

They join 22 other states. One of those is not Pennsylvania. These are the wages of electing an anti-gun extremist, Kathleen Kane, as Attorney General. You can expect Pennsylvania to be out of any Supreme Court fights over the Second Amendment as long as she’s in office. Corbett was willing to sign on to these briefs when he was Attorney General.

Kathy Kane is the best money Bloomberg ever spent, and reinforces my view that Pennsylvania could easily have New York’s gun laws in a decade or so if people don’t start paying attention.

14 thoughts on “Utah Files Brief on Behalf of 2A Rights for 18-20 Year Olds”

  1. What are the chances of this succeeding on a federalism claim in the Supreme Court?

      1. I’m not familiar with the details of the case but the article quotes the Utah AG as saying he considers it to be a federalism issue because of the conflict between state and federal laws.

        1. It’s a Second Amendment case, but they might have amici bring up federalism issues because that might be a compelling issue for a lot of the justices.

    1. Problem is there’s no actual federal prohibition on the ownership or posession of typical firearms, hanguns or long guns, by those <21 years old. The only federal prohibition is that of FFLs selling someone less than 21 a handgun. I'm not exactly sure what if any age limits there are on NFA items though.

      My first gun purchase as an adult was a Browning Hi-power that I picked up from an individual was was well within state and federal law to have it.

      Whether that selling prohibition by FFLs would be considered an infringement is anyone's guess.

  2. Can’t recall reading the Appeals Court ruling but if the FFL selling prohibition is justified as being reasonably related to the government’s goal of reducing youth handgun violence or some such, the fact that private sales are not prohibited doesn’t excuse it as “not an infringement” but points up a huge flaw in the government’s position.

    Logically they should be pushing a total prohibition or none at all.

    1. Though, as with so many gun right’s issues, we need Congress to dictate to ATF exactly what the rules are to be moving forward.

      We shouldn’t have to rely on the Courts to deal with this or the NFA changes we need.

  3. I blame every Penn State alum I see.

    They are the reason we have this AG. I remind them if their stupidity and blindness.
    Best I can do and feel good.

  4. Too many Fudds still in PA, they won’t realise what’s happening until it’s too late.

    1. We’ve been seeing impressive things happening with the gun culture 2.0, including in PA.

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