Can There Be Any Doubt Where They’d Stop?

Miguel points out Mom’s Demand Action To End Gun Ownership is in full freak-out mode about a North Carolina elementary school raising money by auctioning off an inline muzzle loader. All that rhetoric about the Second Amendment only applying to the firearm technology that existed in 1776? Yeah, I didn’t believe they were OK with that either. How can total prohibition not be their end goal? It’s apparent as the sun coming up in the morning. See the reaction on Facebook of their followers. Any hunter want to talk about how their guns are safe, and all these people want are some “common sense” restrictions? Are you blind?

UPDATE: I’m noting that the local media is picking up on this story. Very good. We want the message to get out to all the hunters who may be sitting on their butts or somewhat sympathetic to some gun controls to know what these people’s end game is. Their hunting guns are not safe. This is one of those cases of don’t interrupt your enemy when they are in the middle of making a mistake… except they’ve already made it. Apparently the raffle is doing quite well.

21 thoughts on “Can There Be Any Doubt Where They’d Stop?”

  1. Reading through the comments is both humorous and sad… Seeing people describe it as “sickening” and “disgusting”. These same people probably wouldn’t describe Anthony Weiner’s misconduct in the same light.

    And of course the two recent comments in support of the raffle are now mysteriously gone from the thread.

    Open dialogue and “common gun sense” my fat ass.

    The only remaining question, how can I buy a raffle ticket?

  2. Might be enough to make me look at “modern” muzzle loaders & retire my flintlock.

    1. That, kind Sir, is blasphemy. The rock-lock is the peak of firearms development, and all subsequent developments are a pale shadow of it. Especially persuction guns, which were originally developed so that the less intellectually fortunate among us could enjoy the shooting sports.

    1. Hopefully people keep dogging them. They have to keep checking their Facebook page. Let them get no rest. If they want to control the debate, make it work for them. Let them go to sleep at night wondering what pro-gun comments they’ll find in the morning. This should not be easy for them.

  3. I reported it on FB — interestingly, there’s no option to say it’s inciting harassment, which I would say it is by including the link and phone # of the school.

    I will also say that at least one of my hard-left friends has said recently that it’s only the ‘liberal’ sites that delete his comments or ban him for disagreeing with them. He’s reading more conservative sites now because he finds them a more congenial place for discussion…

  4. To use a Southern phrase: “Bless their little hearts…” (translation to “Yankee”: nice way of saying “bunch of morons”)

  5. Score, I’ve been blocked from MDAFGSIA (say that five times fast) for asking them what this story has to do with their mission and why they are sensationalizing the story when it has nothing to do with “gun violence”.

    Comment was promptly deleted and I was blocked.

  6. I was deleted and blocked myself, just for nicely questioning their willingness to engage in open dialog! Typical liberal mindset: delete those with a differing opinion, then jump up and down while screaming their irrational arguements and emotional phrases even louder…

  7. Asked where I could buy a raffle ticket – Comment was promptly deleted and I was blocked. Yay for having their own echo chamber.

  8. Tickets are being sold by the local chapter of Delta Waterfowl. Email Mikie Taylor at to purchase a ticket. $5.
    Originally 50 tickets were printed. I was just told they’ve sold about 1500.

  9. Thanks for the email. I emailed Mike and he emailed back with his cell # and then gave me his wife cell # and I ordered 3 tickets.

  10. I posted “Thanks for the info, I’ll be contacting them about how to get a ticket!”

  11. “Moms Demand Action” would not be upset if a SWAT team kicked in your door, killed your dog, maybe killed you, and terrorized your family. They would probably be happy.

    OTOH, they are freaking out about a fundraiser which is arguably safer than selling baked goods or tickets to a pool party.

    That’s insane. They need therapy.

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