14 thoughts on “Revolvers Don’t Use Casings”

  1. Wonder what idiot put that together?!?! Maybe one of non essential personnel who will have days off next week possibly!

    I am on the record as saying that revolvers will be back in serious vogue if micro stamping ever passes anywhere. The criminals will use them to not spay brass all over.

  2. Guys, this may be a shock, but the article is right. Revolvers do not have casings. Neither do semi-autos. Wells have casings. Cartridges have cases. :)

  3. And to think, we’re spending millions on DHS. About the only worthwhile DHS expenditure is the Coast Guard. At least they keeps the bouys clean.

    Seriously…and people wonder why Libertarians aren’t keen on big government.

  4. If you want to see how microstamping will work (not), look at a nearly identical program that also collects fired shell cases, COBIS in New York. It’s collected 312,000 shell cases over the course of 10 years at a cost of $40 million with not one conviction to show for it. It abuses law-abiding gun owners while diverting law enforcement resources away from criminals. Unfortunately, with the leftist politics of New York, that’s exactly what it’s supposed to do.

  5. I propose we start calling “dibs” on interesting microstamping serial numbers.

    I have seen a TV ad for a crime show with “NOTHING PERSONAL” etched on the base of a cartridge case, leading me to think personalized cartridges might be a commercially successful idea. Why not microstamps?

    I heard that FDR got social security card number 000-00-001. Not that he ever collected any benefits, as far as I know. But he had the card, with the cool number.

    I call dibs on microstamp serial “MOLONLABE”. I don’t pan to use it, I just want to put it on a 1911 45 ACP then auction it off at an NRA convention, along with a small metal file to remove it from the handgun.

  6. How about a line of firing pins with things like “Molon Labe” engraved on them?

  7. It was probably something as simple as the author meant to say that revolvers don’t spew their casings all over like a semi-auto would so there wouldn’t be casings left to get the serial number from.

    All in all, the microstamping thing is just another end-run around the constitution allowing the gov to keep a firearms registry. Microstamping would be useless without a database to look up who has what serial number. Said database would be a firearms registry.


  8. Danny, NUGUN, etc:

    Homeland Security Newswire is not part of DHS.

    It’s a private news amalgamation service, not part of the government.

    The presence of the words “Homeland Security” does not make it part of the Government.

  9. Our biggest advantage is the stupidity of the Gun Ban crowd.
    Just think of the damage they might be able to cause if they actually knew what they were talking about!

  10. My solution to microstamping if it ever actually is to simply remove them. Nifty thing they are so small removing them would take less than a minute.

  11. Am I the only one suspecting that this piece had more than a little satire in it?

    After going on and on about how supporters had such great things to say about it, the author throws in the problems which point IT DOESN’T WORK!

    Then…the lobbying hours…oh, God, did I ever laugh!
    them: 18
    us: …313!
    Just ONE gun-rights group clocked 255 hours!!!

    yeah…this piece was a little bit of hillarity.
    I also wouldn’t be surprised if the “cases” vs. “casings” discrepency pointed out by Denton was intentional.

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