Emily Miller on Obama’s Gun Control Push

Emily Miller reveals:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid never seemed to believe the legislation could pass, but he was pressured by the White House to bring it up for a vote. Sources familiar with the machinations behind the failed anti-gun bills in April 2013 believe Mr. Obama, Vice President Joseph Biden, and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg were in a rush to push the issue before the memory of Sandy Hook faded.

Read the whole thing. A big message is this isn’t over by far. I think the biggest risk is that our people demobilize and fall back asleep before 2014. National Democrats are already pouring money into Colorado. Does our side have the juice to send a message? The recall elections are coming up on September 10th.

5 thoughts on “Emily Miller on Obama’s Gun Control Push”

  1. Viewing from a distance, the only hope in Colorado appears to me to be to keep our own people motivated and with their eye on only ONE issue, the gun issue. The Democrats are, understandably and very conventionally, focusing on the weaknesses of the challenging candidates on other issues, that will very likely resonate with women and practically anyone else who isn’t a generic social conservative. Some of that could very easily pick away at the edges of the pro-gun vote.

    IMO, the NRA ad we discussed last week is weak, as it recited two generic, ho-hum Republican talking points before focusing on the gun issue, third. Those who may not respond all that well to generic Republican talking points might find themselves feeling ambivalent, even if they do lean pro-gun.

    If I were active in Colorado, I’d advise everyone to do everything they can think of to inundate gun owners with the gun message, and only the gun message, until the last polling place closes. Don’t assume the standard “conservative” bundle of issues will help carry the day.

  2. Miller is a fantastic writer. She’s the only journalist I actively seek to read, because I know she’ll always have new information and a fresh readable style. The Washington Times is very lucky to have her. Other gun writers lack the skills and background to write for a mainstream audience the way she does.

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