Colorado Senate Passes Gun Control Bills

The Colorado Democrats have shown they have no respect for the Second Amendment. The magazine ban passed 18-17. Remember in 2014. For Colorado, the 2014 elections has to be all hands on deck. No gun owners can remain on the sidelines. If the Democratic Party in Colorado is not punished for this, if Hickenlooper does not veto, and he wins a second term, the message the Democrats will get is that they can push gun control, and we’re powerless to punish them for it at the voting booth. Right now the dam is leaking badly. If 2014 comes without punishment, the dam will break, and Colorado will start the long slog toward being California.

UPDATE: John Richardson has more, including a the Democrats who stood with us. In this environment of relentless attack, I’d put a target on any Democrat who didn’t stick with us on everything.

UPDATE: Just to be clear, I mean target metaphorically, as in, we target these politicians in elections. Not a literal target. I shouldn’t have to explain this, but politics these days is ridiculous, and people are crazy and immature.

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  1. Forget 2014, at least for now. Off the top of my head I don’t have any immediate suggestions for how, but Colorado gun owners need to display their rage NOW!

    Maybe instead of sulking home defeated, it would be good to have another rally or two — except this time, not get so hung up on showing how well housebroken we are. Leave a candy wrapper or two in the public square — at least.

  2. Two senate republicans have already come out and said they would openly defy the law. The way I would see this creating a stir is if the rest of the concerned gun owners would join them. No need to even come to a rally armed. Just bring your newly “banned” mags.

  3. This is Unbelievable what has happened in CO. Even though I do not live anywhere close to that state, I feel the utmost sympathy with the lawful CO Gun Owners.

    I am thinking about making a small donation to the Colorado Recall petitions to recall 2 CO State Senators and 1 CO State House Rep….

    As has been stated in this post, the CO State Senators that voted for these anti-2A bills, need to be voted out of office in 2014. Here is a list of the CO State Senators that are up for election in 2014:

  4. Is this where the revolution begins? We need to stop letting the elitist few mandate behavior for the rest of us. Enough is enough. Those 18 should be dragged out and tried as traitors.

  5. It’s a slim chance, but 4 of these bills could still be stopped int he house: 2 have to be voted on because of senate amendments, & 2 will have the 1rst reading/committee hearing/2nd reading voice vote/3rd reading recorded vote process to go through.

    It’s possible that enough pressure on some house members could stop one or perhaps all 4 of these bills.

    And then there’s the governor – if he does not sign them then they won’t become law.

    Not much of a chance, but enough of one that it’s worth calling/writing/carrier pigeoning a rep and the governor.

    Barring that, there are 2 reps & 1 senator with active recall petitions against them from what I hear. RMGO has a pro-gun dem ready to primary one of the senators. & lawyers will be getting their lawyer on the second any of these bills become law.

    So there’s lots that can be done before 2014.

    (& yes; any dem who goes against us on one bill should be chastised electorally. Same for the few repubs who voted for one of these bills.)

    1. Is there any polling being done to look at how vulnerable any of the anti-gun folks are? It’s not going to matter much if they are in a safe district. So who is organizing protests? Did/does the NRA even have a ground game?

      Lawsuits? Standard cap mags would defintely be common use.

  6. I am motivated to help recall Linda Newell. She is unable to support the Constitution and the Rights of the People. Let’s get a recall started.

  7. This is a boon for NJ Gun Owners… when Christie blows his 2016 chances and signs the 10 round capacity limit, at least we’ll have a place to dump our 15 rounders! :(

  8. Yes please put out some information on how to recall these corrupt legislators who did not listen to their constituents? They listened to Bloomberg and Obama through. I found this link by Googleing Recall Newell. She is my rep who avoided a meeting with us recently because she knew we would ask her about her stance on these bills. All I can say is that many middle of the roaders in her district are disappointed in her vote on infringeing on our rights. I will do any possible to remove such a person from office.

  9. Senator Newell is my senator too. She is term-limited out in 4 years so getting rid of her earlier would be a plus. Somewhere there is a data sheet showing all our officials and the margins by which they won their last elections. I vaguely remember she won handily against a no-name newbie.

    A recall petition required 10,000 valid voter signatures last I heard, which means you need 20,000 to overcome the inevitable protests and intentional spoiling of petitions that will be done by her supporters.

    Further discussion can certainly be done at the eatery/drinkery of your choice anywhere in her district on a Friday or Saturday evening.

    1. I don’t see anything to edit my comments, so at the suggestion of someone worried my comment could be misinterpreted, I am only talking about the above named Colorado politicians to be recalled/voted out of office… nothing else and I do not in any way condone, suggest or agree violence or threats of any kind. If you are unhappy with your elected officials, then voting is the only way this should be handled. Hope that clarifies my prior statement.

      1. I was referring to the original post, not your comment, although you also used the word “targeted.” Obviously it’s ridiculous that we should even have to consider editing a perfectly normal figure of speech that in any other situation wouldn’t cause anyone to blink. But in this case, we do have guns, and our opponents are known to go into pants-shitting hysterics, so it’s probably just wise to not give them the opportunity to twist our words.

  10. You might want to change the wording of your last line, to avoid any “GUN NUTS CALLING FOR ASSASSINATION OF ANTI-GUN POLITICIANS” PSH it could generate.

    1. Kind of nuts that I didn’t even think of that, but you’re right. Of course, it’s also been hanging out there for quite some time.

  11. Wm. Cosby’s rule of combat: He who gets to make the rules generally wins. If you give the Bolsheviks any slack at all, you’ll lose. If they complain about being “targeted” razz them about fears of monsters under their beds.

    In a war of words and ideas, figures of speech are your ammunition. Denying the use of certain figures of speech is the literary equivalent of a magazine capacity limitation.

    1. I see this more as denying the enemy any sort of “ammunition” they can use. Getting into a pissing contest about whether or not the figure of speech was meant literally is an unnecessary distraction, and would not contribute to any victory in this “war.”

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