Messaging Fail in Colorado Recall

A key message of the pro-gun advocates trying to unseat Senate President John Morse is that he’s a stooge for New York City’s mayor and not really representing his district in Colorado.

So what is the first message he posted as it appeared the Secretary of State would approve enough signatures for his recall?

Meanwhile, Mr. Morse, a Colorado Springs Democrat, released a statement Monday on his Facebook page asking for out-of-state help from those in traditionally liberal cities to help fight the recall effort.

“We can get phone lists to you and things like that and have you help from Boston, Massachusetts, or San Francisco, California,” said Mr. Morse in a video message.

It’s like he thinks that being controlled by out-of-state interests is a good campaign message. Somehow I doubt that is the case for a guy who only won his last election by a few hundred votes.

But I hope that he keeps putting out videos like this. It just makes the job of people who support his recall easier. I hope that pro-gun folks use his own words against him and highlight in their door-to-door campaigning that Morse is calling on people from Boston, San Francisco, and NYC to buy this election for him. I mean if he didn’t want that to be the key theme of his campaign, then presumably he would not have made that the first video of his campaign, right?

One thought on “Messaging Fail in Colorado Recall”

  1. Morse did TV interviews about the recall standing in front of a sign that decried “outside interests”.

    He really is quite brazen in his dishonesty.

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