I Like How the Good Professor Thinks

Glenn Reynolds on the Chicago Police Chief saying his cops will kill licensed gun carriers:

Well, that should make the “improper training” Section 1983 suits easy. . . .

For those who don’t know, Section 1983 is part of the Civil Rights Act of 1871’s provision for “civil action for deprivation of rights,” which is what you would generally sue under if such an incident were to occur. Additionally, the Civil Rights Acts allow you to sue all the way up the chain of command, and in their personal capacities as well as their official capacities (though you have to overcome qualified immunity to sue in their personal capacity).

5 thoughts on “I Like How the Good Professor Thinks”

  1. I think the dear police chief set charges and blew qualified immunity to hell with his statements as well. A stated policy of killing people for doing something 100% legal violates “clearly established law” in my eyes anyway…

  2. The thing is he is so stupid he doesn’t realize a huge problem (other than killing innocent plebs) when you follow this policy- what happens when an off duty or undercover cop has a gun? A cop seeing a gun doesn’t equal shoot first and ask questions later. Of course, that is the bottom of the slippery slope of “officer safety first”.

  3. I daresay this would qualify as a ‘conspiracy’ under 18 USC, sec. 241.

    That’s a federal Felony folks. Where is Eric Holder on this?

  4. Back tracked through the links and read the quoted statements.

    I take real issue with that gun in had is equated to a conceal carry. The whole point of a concealed firearm is that you can’t see it.

    Over all, its a horrible thing to say and makes me question what type of training they are doing.

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