I’m a Hunter, But …

Looks like the media is using a lot of disinformation about NRA and what it stands for to drag out, one again, the “I’m a gun owner… but” meme:

On its Web site, the N.R.A. calls itself the “largest pro-hunting organization in the world.” Yet during election season, the N.R.A. makes endorsements based largely on candidates’ voting records on gun control — with little if any concern for their views on other issues of interest to hunters.

I’m sure it will be news to the Board’s hunting policy committee, and also to ILA’s hunting policy department, that NRA doesn’t do anything for hunting. You have a lot of these lefty hunters that think the only thing matters is an environmental record, as is the animal rights whack jobs and access to land are not big issues.

It sounds like she’s new to hunting, so I’ll give her the benefit of doubt, but if she thinks they won’t go after her hunting rifle high-precision long range sniper rifle, she’s delusional. If she thinks groups like PETA or HSUS won’t ban or restrict hunting as much as possible, she’s delusional. I would welcome a serious discussion with this author on the issues, because I think she’s missing the big picture. The hunting community is an ecosystem, and a very unhealthy one at that. If the health of that community isn’t freshly nurtured, hunting is finished. Hunters will be reduced in numbers until they no longer retain the political power to stave off attacks, and if Lily Raff McCaulou has her way, I will not be in that fight, because as a shooter, you’ve acquiesced to banning the guns I shoot with, so why would I then lift a finger when you’re finally eaten last?

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  1. I know they help Gun Clubs build ranges. I know when it came to the .50 cal ban in NJ they assisted at the state level of not letting it happen. The .50 cal ban would have effected muzzle loaders as well as many other guns.

    The lead issue for shot has come up sever times.

    Now, as far as the bear hunt, there were two other organizations who took the lead.

  2. 1) She’s new to hunting. Only started sometime after moving to the hippy enclave of Bend, Oregon 6 years ago.

    2) But she first started fishing. I assume she didn’t do that on the first day she moved to the hippy enclave of Bend, Oregon. So lets say she did that a year later. and then another year or so to go hunting. That means she has hunted for 4 years. Perhaps.

    3) Where did she live prior to the hippy enclave of Bend, Oregon? Oh yeah, that’s right. The hot bed of gun ownership known as New York City.

    4) Where did she grow up, prior to moving to New York to be an “independent filmaker” (something I assume she failed at since she know lives in the hippy enclave of Bend, Oregon? Oh yeah, Tacoma Park, MD, a (to quote her) “a cool, hippie suburb of Washington, D.C.” Tacoma Park is famous for banning nuclear weapons. If I was ever elected president, I’d put a nuclear missle silo right in the middle of the organic farmers market and call it the F. U. Hippies Missle Silo.

    5) Did I mention she has a book coming out about how evil the NRA is? Or rather, about how evil the current food system is and why she decided to start hunting and fishing so she could be the ultimate locavore (which isn’t something I’m opposed to, or disagree with, but her mindset is more HSUS than Ted Nugent).

    1. I thought Takoma Park, MD was even more famous for extending suffrage to aliens in local elections; city-wide “nuclear free zones” are pretty common, aren’t they?

      But let’s not give up on her 100%, she may get a clue someday, I’ve seen it before.

  3. The NRA is always sending out things about hunting in its daily alert emails.

    The recent silencer hunting laws are another thing that they have done recently. Of course our topic of discussion would probably argue that hunting with a silencer is pure evil.

  4. Actually, Ed, I’m not sold on the fact that she is. Not saying she isn’t, but I haven’t seen anything that tells me she actually knows what she’s talking about.

    Take this passage

    It’s tough to stick to a recipe, for example, when you’re dealing with meat you’ve butchered yourself. You don’t always know exactly how much you have, or even which cut you’re using.

    Um, wtf??

    Anyone who has ever butchered an animal knows exactly what cuts they are cutting. Is it a loin? shoulder? ham? Its all very clear when your actually pulling the meat off. And, the idea that you don’t know how much you have is ludicrous. Pull out a scale.

    1. I’ll admit that outside of the ‘ham’ and ‘ribs’, I don’t know a ‘loin’ from a ‘shoulder’, it’s all meat to me. But just from going shopping regularly, I can get a good general estimate of how much meat I have by the size.

      I’m wondering how she’s going to react to all this attention she’s garnered for herself, besides enjoying the book sales.

  5. Actually, if you read her blog, the only mention of actual hunting of animals (as opposed to hunting for a Christmas tree and mushrooms) is when she talks about drugs.

    Wonder if she’s simply an unsuccessful hunter. Which, is what the Indians call a vegetarian.

    All joking aside, I did read one review of her book which focuses on something important (and something Bitter and Sebastian have touched upon): the need for the gun community (and hunters, even more so) to be more welcoming of new comers.

    Apparently, in her book she spends a good deal of time discussing the difficulty she had in getting anyone at a gun store to help her find the right weapon, teach her how to shoot it, or find someone to take her hunting. It also discusses how asinine it is for a sport that is striving to create new hunters to have so few opportunities to take Hunters Ed classes (and those that exist are often at inconvenient times). In her case, there was a single hunter safety class for adults a year.

    That is a real problem. And its certainly something the NRA has been working towards fixing.

    If only she got her head out of her ass though, and rather than jumping out of the gates and introducing herself to America as the gun bigot du jour in the NY Times, she waited for her book to come out, she might be able to achieve some level of success in paving the way for new hunters.

    As far as book sales go, color me more than a little skeptical that the average NY Times reader is going to pay anything for her book.

  6. She needs to read up on laws before writing about them. From the article:

    I would happily vote to repeal the Stand Your Ground law in my home state of Oregon.

    Here’s the thing: Oregon doesn’t have a “Stand Your Ground” law. A SYG law is the removal of the duty to retreat from an attack. Oregon has never had a duty to retreat. Supporting the repeal of Oregon’s SYG law is logically equivalent to supporting the repeal of Illinois’ shall-issue CCW permitting system.

  7. Hunting firearms may double as “long-range sniper weapons”. When the SHTF, use one to obtain a military weapon. Use your enemy as your supply sergeant (Fidel Castro). If you have gun, you can get more.

    Even so-called “Fuds” can be brought into the resistance against an abusive government.

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