New Polling on Colorado Recalls

A majority are not happy with the magazine restrictions, but most don’t believe the recalls are warranted. This is going to come down to which side has the most energy to get out to the polls, so the GOTV (Get Out the Vote) effort is going to be supremely important in this recall.

12 thoughts on “New Polling on Colorado Recalls”

  1. I’m not buying into this ‘poll’ results. Local polls are showing that the Dems named in the recall election are in trouble. It was absolutely no trouble at all getting the needed signatures to make this happen. I think maybe the pollsters must have done their polling in the greater Denver Metro area.
    Just my .02, but I’m living here and watching it happen.
    Devildog in Colorful Commierado

    1. The article even pointed out that this was a state-wide poll. The results are pretty much inconsequential.

  2. The Democrats lost the recent court case and now all the voters have to go to the polls. No mail in ballots. This special election will turn on intensity and the gunnies have that. This is all about gun control so the gunnies have it and the non gunnies don’t care that much. Plus now the have to make an effort to vote.

    Morse only won last time by less than 200 votes. Giron is in solidly blue collar though democrat area. Blue collar voters tend to own guns and are pissed of at the law.

    The edge is for the gunnies, but this is an important lesson to teach politicians that gun control will kill a reelection prospect

  3. The state-wide poll results are important.

    Angela Giron (one of the folks being recalled) drafted an election reform bill in secret, and John Morse (another recallee, and the Dem majority leader) rammed it through with zero discussion, debate, or GOP input. The new election law allows people to vote in any district they want.

    The ballot box is increasingly broken.

    1. If it is even a ballot box anymore.
      It’s seeming more and more like a popularity contest that may or may not have any bearing on who gets elected.

      And that’s after the political parties are allowed to narrow down the field of candidates to the people it wants elected.

      Is that really free choice?

    2. I read the article and 1303 violated the state constitution and was invalidated in August by the court that required voting only at polling stations.

      So the polling stations are only in the districts that have recalls not throughout the entire state. Election judges do check those items. I have been one in Md and even there we take our duties seriously.

      Please stop thinking that we can not win and the deck is stacked against us. This pessamism about unable to win is killing this country.

      1. Except it appears that under the new Colorado law, even with the mail-in ballots thrown out, any Colorado resident can vote in any district if they state an intention to move.

        What exactly would stop a bus of voters from stopping at the polls in the district, they all dutifully vote and say they are intending to move to Colorado Springs (or wherever), and then they change their minds later that afternoon?

        The new Colorado election law seems to legalize what might be considered fraud.

        1. Chris, Have you ever been an election judge? I have.The standard is that the ballot places have all the registered voters in that district or precint and they check the name off. If a person is not on the list they can do a provisional ballot. That is mainly to prevent argument. The provisional ballots are checked, if they are not correct. Like no indication the voter has recently mover to the district they are not counted.

  4. Philosophically, voters don’t want a recall election every time they disagree with a legislator.

    Well then perhaps they should elect legislators who will listen to the constituents and not ram thru bills a majority of the governed don’t want?

    Problem solved.

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