The Australian Outrage

The Daily Caller notes that the outrage Australian politicians are expressing over the shooting death of an Australian national in Oklahoma is not backed by facts. The growth in gun culture that we’ve seen in the United States is also happening in Australia. If you’re an Australian political elite, and want to maintain the integrity of the gun control regime you’ve imposed on the peons, can you find a more tailor made incident?

No country is immune from random, senseless violence. It’s rare here too, which is why things like this make national news. The Australian reaction to this incident is more about Australia than it is about us. The political elites want people to remain happy with their gun control regime. Otherwise we’ll all become like the scary United States. Incidents like this are very convenient for the gun control elites.

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  1. Additionally, this shooting was actually a product of the inner-city “Gangsta” culture, not the gun culture. There is some evidence that racism may have been a factor too.

  2. As an Australian, I can only agree that the elites here have no idea about the gun culture.

    I was required to “voluntary surrender” several firearms during the gun confiscation buyback of the ’90s. These firearms were suddenly too dangerous for me to own – including a Ruger 10/22 rabbit rifle that was a 16th birthday present from my late grandmother.

    I now own more, and more powerful, firearms than before that piece of political chicanery. Most of my friends are in the same position.

    Tim Fisher is a fool, and so is Little Johnny “Jackboot” Howard.

  3. Tim Fisher was the leader of the rural based National Party & deputy Prime Minister. Fully 20% of his party membership quit as a result of his decision to support the Liberal Party’s anti gun policies and his party has gone from 18 members of the house of Representatives to 6.
    Independents elected in formerly very safe (70% of the vote) National seats have kept the Liberal/National coalition out of office for the last three years.
    There is a distinct possibility that pro-gun minor parties may make up the balance of power in the senate after the election next month.
    Having wrecked the long term future of his party, he had the choice of a public mea culpa or doubling down and making a moral stand of his bad decisions. Being a politician he went with option 2.

    Fun fact: The spokesman for the coalition for gun control during that period was a baptist priest and the brother of the Federal Treasurer. As a child he tried to murder the future treasurer by electrocution. His personal failings may explain his need to disarm the people.
    He ended up getting armed guards for his church after two separate fatal stabbings, but didn’t learn a lesson from this.

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