Colorado Gun Vote Related Recall Fails – Sorta

According to this Denver Post article, the first of four attempted recalls targeting Democrats who voted for the gun control bills has failed. However, I would note that it really only failed on paper at the moment because there are some key points that look good for pro-gun advocates if they can get enough people motivated to work their butts off in 2014.

From the article, the requirements are that recall organizers must obtain signatures from enough voters to represent 25 percent of the votes cast for all parties in the last election in that district. The recall organizers who claimed that they had no professional help, no funding, and a completely grassroots local effort did manage to get about 20 percent of voters from the district to sign on and say they are so pissed off at him that they don’t even want the guy to finish his term. That is not a good sign for the incumbent to have that many people that pissed off so early.

There are still three more recall efforts to go in Colorado, so we’ll see how they go.

But this shows that kind of showing in a relatively unorganized recall effort shows that Colorado gun owners can turn this situation around if they get off their butts. There are no excuses for Centennial State gun guys and gals next year.

3 thoughts on “Colorado Gun Vote Related Recall Fails – Sorta”

  1. In Lancaster County alone, at least one illegal mayor was sent packing. In Harrisburg, Thompson lost so there’s another illegal mayor gone. I’d be curious to see nation-wide and state-wide how many MAIGers got booted out during the primary.

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