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Hopefully to be replaced by fresh news if the media can stop talking about Trayvon Martin for 10 minutes, and I suspect they will. But that new shiny thing is likely to be Will and Kate’s new baby. Some weeks it’s tough to be a gun blogger.

NRA blasts back at Holder over Stand Your Ground. Also on Salon, The Hill, and Politico. You have to admit that NRA can get the big names in media to bark on command at this point.

TalkLeft has some commentary on the Zimmerman verdict.

What’s the worst that could happen?

Clearly we’re dealing with a murderous monster! Saving people from overturned trucks is what racists do.

Radley Balko gets an article about the militarization of police in the Wall Street Journal. I’m glad this is getting mainstream attention. More on the related topic of over-criminalization here.

Durbin is going host a panel to “review” these SYG laws.

I’ve been surprised by how little press coverage I’ve seen of Bloomberg’s gun control bus tour, but they did generate a bit of press in Aurora, along with a counter-protest that also seemed to get reasonable coverage.

Massad Ayoob has more to say about the Zimmerman verdict. The original is here. Part II, III, IV, V. Five is particularly interesting.

Gun control advocates are disappointed in Rhode Island. Let’s hope they stay disappointed.

MAIG applauds an increase in ATF’s budget. I guess they have to savor the little victories. Hopefully ATF won’t use that extra cash to traffic more guns to drug cartels.

MAIG is also taking out a new ad campaign in the wake of the Aurora anniversary. Probably also to help with the recall elections too. I guess New York City residents don’t care much about having their tax dollars wasted on Bloomberg’s pet projects.

Antigun Colorado legislator has major rap sheet. What a shocker.

Confiscation? What confiscation? That’s just paranoia ginned up by the corporate gun lobby.

4 thoughts on “A Few News Links”

  1. I thought Durbin was great in that South Park episode. It was a shame to see the vile tactics the turd sandwich’s supporters used against his campaign in that episode.

  2. The Zimmerman story almost seems too good to be true. What’s next? Is he going to be bitten by some irradiated fauna and get a spandex suit?

    1. What I find most amazing about that story is that is hasn’t become the world’s most jaded person when it comes to helping others, and that he is still in Stanford.

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