Don’t Make it Easy for the Colorado Governor

Word is he’s going to sign the bill Wednesday, but that leaves today to call his office and express disapproval that he’s allowing Colorado to be run from the White House and New York City Hall. The Denver Post is noting that there may be a ballot measure to overturn the ban. As I’ve mentioned in the past, I’ve always been wary of the ballot. Ballot fights are expensive, and a loss has much more dire implications than losing a vote in a legislature. What I absolutely do support, in the mean time, is the recall effort of the Colorado Democratic lawmakers who voted for this crap. Keep the heat on until 2014 as much as you can, then be heard at the ballot box.

8 thoughts on “Don’t Make it Easy for the Colorado Governor”

  1. A note. Loosing a recall is just as dangerous as loosing a ballot.

    If they Recalls are a success, overturning the measures through a ballot would be successful too.

    The exact results of the punishment differ slightly, but they both require the same effort from voters. If a recall fails, they have nothing to fear from gun owners. The same would go for a ballot measure failing.

      1. Recalls are done in the constituency that originally elected the office holder. So statewide offices have a statewide recall while district recalls are in the district and so on.

        1. That’s what I figured. I see that as a key difference. Ballot initiatives are statewide, whereas for a recall, you can focus efforts in a district that may be friendlier to a specific issue (like guns) than the state as a whole.

  2. Good news: I’ve been trying to call for a while now and the lines are constantly busy. I was able to get through to one dude’s voicemail… which is full! These guys didn’t take into account just how frelled they’d be by even suggesting these unconstitutional (and thereby 100% illegal) laws.

  3. Sportsmen should grocery shop until Hickenlooper is gone. A voluntary moratorium on hunting in CO will bring the State to its knees. This is not about definitions, it is about liberty. In fact, boycott everything that comes from Colorado, including Coors.

    1. You have the right idea. Every hunter in America should boycott hunting in Colorado. The loss in revenue will send a message to both the lawmakers and tax payers that there are consequences for their actions

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