Nikki Haley on the Gun Industry

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley proved that she is quite comfortable talking guns, business, and the business of guns in a recent video. While it is mostly just a summary of her trip to a gun manufacturer, I do love how she brags about taking time to shoot while in heels. The highlights of her visit show that she is absolutely comfortable handling firearms – certainly far more comfortable with firearms than most of Pennsylvania’s elected representatives.

6 Responses to “Nikki Haley on the Gun Industry”

  1. I think she is one of the reasons PTR Industries chose South Carolina over states. Even now, Stag Arms is seriously looking at Horry (the H is silent) County, SC as where to move to when they leave Connecticut.

    Rick Perry of TX gets a lot of attention for his industrial recruitment. I don’t know whether he gives out his personal cell phone number to his state’s industrial recruiters but Nikki Haley does.

  2. Mininerd ISH says:

    Jindal/Haley 2016… or vice-versa. Let the race baiters chew on that one.

    • HappyWarrior6 says:

      I wouldn’t mind that ticket. Jindal leans more populist-conservative on economic matters, a breed of Republican I can appreciate.

      • Mininerd ISH says:

        Haley is a bit more strident in her social conservative ways than I like, but seems to have the right political instincts to know that what plays in her home state won’t play in the nationals. She and Mondale both seem more free market/populist on economics and federal authority than any GOP ticket in thirty-odd years.

        But mostly I want to watch Farred Zakharia’s head asplode when he tries to call me a racist, religious bigot when we run a Catholic Indian and a Methodist Sikh named Piyush Jindal and Nimrata Randhawa.

        They’re young, they’re photogenic (for politicians), they’re very popular in the home States and regions. It really could work.


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