Being a somewhat shameless member of the species packus ratus, I’m finding myself going through a lot of old files that I’m trying to avoid moving back downstairs to my office. I keep literally everything, and I’ve decided that’s a bit much. But it’s fun looking back at how much more I spend on gas and food now. Eating out used to be a lot cheaper. Guns too. I found a credit card statement that had my first firearm purchase back in 2000, during the hight of the Federal Assault Weapons Ban.


This was for a Romanian AK and 1000 rounds of ammo, showing here:


I was not even really into shooting at the time. I bought it as a symbolic and perhaps obscene gesture to those people who said I shouldn’t own one. Today the ammo damned near costs that much if you can even find it. I miss those days. I have to give Barack Obama credit — he’s done a lot more to keep guns and ammo off of store shelves than any president in history.

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  1. Similar story. 1999, and everyone at work just finished a long stretch of 72 hour weeks. One of the guys was an FFL and took orders. I think he sold about two dozen Romanian AK-47s and AK-74s. Then we found out we had ANOTHER month to go. I did not partake in the Czech 9mm order.

  2. In 1981, I went out to buy my first firearm, a Colt Government Model. It cost $348. A few months later, there was a sale at a gun store in the San Fernando Valley. Colt AR-15s were $419.95. H&K 91s were $499.95. I didn’t buy either — that was a lot of money to me back then.

  3. In the late ’60s, a Colt AR-15 was about $215, as I recall, but that was way out of my league. Even considering that I had kept a pinup of an M-16 right next to my Playboy calendar, in my Army wall locker. (In Germany we still had M-14s, and at that, my company had just upgraded from M-1 Carbines; and gun pundits had done a super job of hyping the M-16 with “shoot a gook in the hand and his ears will fly off” claims.)

    I nominate Bill and Hillary Clinton for the Gun Sales Hall of Fame. When I first heard of their AWB proposal, on my car radio, I was on my way to a business meeting, but as soon as that finished I boogied to the nearest store and bought my first sample of ugly militaria. Before that, I had already been a shooter since about 1951, but had never had more than academic interest in ugly guns; when I’d had spare change it always went to hunting or target guns. I’d entertain the theory that it was the Clintons and their AWB that created the whole ugly-gun fad.

    1. Yeah, that dirty rat, Bill Clinton made me buy a number of guns. I still have most of them. I have not bought one since Obama took office as I was already stocked.

  4. Let’s not forget that Obama is responsible for causing the largest Increase of NEW Shooters since the Civil War.

  5. I had a FFL in the 90’s, and never wanted an AK until I was told that I shouldn’t own one either.
    $149 for a romanian with a crappy thumbhole stock that I promptly replaced with a handmade stock and grip. Later fitted a plastic grip off of a broken SKS side folder stock to the AK, used the buttplate and storage kit from a SKS when making the AK stock too.
    BTW a 2×6 is not quite wide enough for an AK stock……

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