Don’t Take Advice from Joe Biden

A man is arrested for firing a shotgun in the air to chase off what he thought were car thieves. He actually invoked the Vice President’s advice as a defense.

5 Responses to “Don’t Take Advice from Joe Biden”

  1. Richard says:

    He is setting up an insanity defense.

  2. rd says:

    Will he subpoena the VP as an expert witness?

    Imagine the deposition!

  3. Joe’s a lawyer. He should offer to defend the guy pro bono. He could be admitted pro hac vice.

  4. Jeff O says:

    I agree with RD above: call Jumpin’ Joe & his AGoDE son to the stand. Have them try to talk their way out of the charges!

  5. Zermoid says:

    Better, name Joe Biden as a co-conspirator!
    “He told me to do it!”