Looking for the Facts

Robb Allen is trying to help a friend of his who is looking to buy his first firearm, only problem is, his friend’s wife thinks its dangerous to keep a gun in the house.  My advice is to seek out training after you make your decision.  If home defense is really what you’re looking for, a shotgun may be more competently wielded by beginner than a pistol, and a shotgun has far greater stopping power.  If kids are part of the picture, a shotgun is less accident prone.  If you really want a pistol, a quick open safe is recommended if there’s kids in the house.  Trigger locks are dangerous.  If one comes with your gun throw it away and find a better way to secure it.

3 thoughts on “Looking for the Facts”

  1. I disagree with throwing the locks away. That’s a perfectly good waste of a lock.

    I gave the last one I got (came with my Sig 556 EBR of Joy) to a friend who was in need of a new bike lock.

  2. I plan on using mine to fulfill the “locked case” requirement to transport in a car without a trunk.

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