Felony Aggravated Menacing and Reckless Endangerment

Just among a few of the charges Jill Biden could face if she follows the advice of her husband. I’d much sooner try to teach a woman how to shoot an AR-15 than a shotgun. Self-defense rounds for shotguns are brutal. If short-barrled shotguns were less regulated, I think they’d make fine home defense weapons, but every shotgun I own is far more unwieldy in a small house than any carbine I own. Not all of us can afford to live in a house as big as Joe Biden’s.

10 thoughts on “Felony Aggravated Menacing and Reckless Endangerment”

  1. Mr. Biden is daft. The only thing that keeps him afloat is his political correctness. If he were a Republican, the media would be howling for his resignation, for his relentless display of gross incompetence.

  2. The other problem with his advice is that now that she shot twice, she’s out of ammo. If she didn’t hit anybody (most likely), she’d be done.

  3. In Illinois, brandishing a weapon, or firing a warning shot to frighten someone will result in an Unlawful Use of Weapons charge, which is a felony. You had better not bring a weapon into play unless you need to defend your life.

  4. If she fired a couple of rounds off the porch does anyone really think anything would come of it.

    1. This. Her husband is the VP and before that was the Senior Senator from Delaware. Her stepson is the Delaware Attorney General. Even if she did this, no charges would be filed against her.

      Oh and the Biden’s don’t own a home. They own a compound in some of the most expensive real estate in Delaware. Pretty good for the son of a used car salesman.

  5. As usual, gun control advocates are as ignorant about the pre-existing laws regulating firearms as they are ignorant of basic firearm technology itself. This latest Biden gaffe deserves a place alongside Carolyn McCarthy’s gaffe about “barrel shrouds”.

  6. Self defense rounds are brutal, but all she needs is blanks if it’s only being fired into the air.

    Why even give her a gun? Just give her two M80s and a book of matches.

  7. I’m waiting for the tears of anyone who follows Sheriff Joe Biden’s advice as said poor dumbass waits for Sheriff Joe to testify at her trial for firing a weapon into the air.

  8. First, we had the Obama regime telling us that women are fully capable of serving in the front-line combat units of our military. This would mean that our military women are supposed to be just as proficient with M-16’s and M-4’s as their male counterparts. Now we have VP Biden telling us that the AR-15 is “harder” for women to aim and to use than a 12 gauge shotgun. So which is it?

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